The Browser War Expands to More Platforms

Opera 5 continues its success with free releases for Linux and Mac

OSLO, Norway – Feb. 1, 2001


Opera Software today announces that the final releases of its Linux and Macintosh-browsers will be available for free to all users. The decision means that Opera’s Web Browser for both Linux and Mac will be in the successful Version 5 series of the Opera family of Web Browsers.

The December 6th release of the free Opera 5.0 for Windows was met withenthusiasm from both users and critics around the world. Over two millioncopies were downloaded in the first month, in addition to the 10 milliondistributed in CD form to computer magazines.

“By releasing free versions of our Linux and Mac-browsers, we furtherescalate the Browser War,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.”We will now be present with free versions on all the major desktopplatforms, and we expect that our unique Internet experience over time willcapture a significant market share in all of them.”

The status of the browsers for the two platforms is:

  • Opera 5.0 for Linux is in Beta 5, with a new Beta ready to ship shortly.The previous Beta versions have received an enthusiastic response from theLinux-community and are widely considered by critics to be the best browseravailable for the platform.
  • Opera 5 for Mac has still not been released for public testing.

Like the Windows version, Opera for Linux and Macintosh will offer twooptions for keeping the browser. The user has the choice to download a free,ad-supported version with all features and functionality enabled, or registering the browser at a charge of $39 that removes the ads, withvarious discounts applying.

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About Opera Software

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