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Burst the love bubble: Opera GX introduces anti-Valentine’s Day ‘HeartBlocker’ browser extension 

Enjoy peaceful browsing free from love propaganda this 14th February – with different modes depending on your level of heartbreak 13 February 2024 – Oslo, Norway: Think Valentine’s Day is just an over commercialized vomit-fest? Has your heart been crushed once again? Just want a browsing experience free from cringy love propaganda? As always, Opera […]

Opera presents, a new platform to create and publish mobile games to Mobile Web on iOS and Android at once, for free

New mobile game web platform by GameMaker and Opera GX now in beta Thanks to web assembly, games run with native-like performance on both Android and iOS and without the need for download allows for 1-click publishing from GameMaker  Opera [NASDAQ: OPRA], the company behind Opera GX, the world’s only browser tailor-made to […]

Join GameMaker’s latest game jam for a chance to become a part of gaming history and feature on a bespoke arcade cabinet

#NoticeMe Game Jam to give away $33,000  in prize money and immortalise winners in a one-of-a-kind arcade machine. Winners to be announced by gaming YouTube superstar PewDiePie. 22 February 2022, Dundee, Scotland and Oslo, Norway – Opera and GameMaker are excited to announce the #NoticeMe Game Jam, which will take place from March 4th to […]