Recent News, 2002

Packed with new features

Opera 7 for Windows Beta 2 Unleashed Oslo, Norway – Dec. 18, 2002 Opera Software ASA today released Opera forWindows Beta 2, crammed with cool new power-browsing features to give thebest Internet experience. Since the release of Beta 1, Opera has added even more features. Newadditions include “Fast Forward”, immediate access to the pages you […]

Opera’s golden apple

Opera 6 for Mac OS 8.6-10.2 Unleashed Oslo, Norway – Dec. 12, 2002 Opera Software ASA todayreleased the final version of Opera 6 forMac OS 8.6-10.2.2, offering Mac users a faster and better Internetexperience. This is the first final Opera released for Mac OS X,and today’s released version runs on Mac OS 8.6-10.2.2. “With today’s […]

Opera for Mac with language support

Opera 6 for Mac OS 8.6-10.2 Beta 3 Released Oslo, Norway — Dec. 4, 2002 Opera Software ASA today released Opera 6 for Mac Beta 3 with language support for German and Japanese. This is the first time the Macintosh version of the Opera browser is available in languages other than English. “Our extensive language […]

Opera 7 for Windows Beta 1 released

Opera Debuts the Latest in Browser Technology Oslo, Norway — Nov. 13, 2002 Opera Software ASA’s browser factory today unveiled the new Opera 7 for Windows Beta 1, revamped from the rendering engine and up. Opera 7 for Windows is smaller and faster than before, offering users a whole range of new features to improve […]

Opera with shared library

Opera 6 for Mac OS 8.6-10.2 Beta 2 Released Oslo, Norway — Nov. 4, 2002 Opera Software ASA today unveiled the speed-enhanced Opera 6 for Mac Beta 2 with shared library support, which offers Mac developers the ability to use Opera’s superior rendering engine in their products. Opera 6 for Mac OS 8.6-10.2 Beta 2 […]

Great fonts on Linux

Updated Opera 6.1 for Linux on Intel and PowerPC Oslo, Norway — Oct. 31, 2002 Opera Software today released Opera 6.1 for Linux for Intel and PowerPC users. The PowerPC version is the first released on this platform since the tentative Opera 5 for Linux Beta in May 2001. Opera has been met with tremendous […]

The Daemon of the Opera

Opera Software Releases Version for FreeBSD Oslo, Norway — Oct. 31, 2002 Opera Software is proud to announce the first golden release of its new port to the UNIX variant FreeBSD. With FreeBSD joining the Opera family, Opera is now available on eight different operating systems. The BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) operating system has its […]

Internet in your pocket

In Technology Breakthrough, Opera Displays the Full Web on Small Screens Oslo, Norway — Oct. 15, 2002 Opera Software today presented a technology breakthrough that will bring the power of the full Internet into the pockets of millions of users. Opera Software has finally cracked the screen size problem that has plagued and stopped the […]

Opera Signs German Distributor

Microbasic to Distribute Opera in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Oslo, Norway — October 2, 2002 Opera Software today signed up MicroBasic GmbH to increase its sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. MicroBasic is an electronic sales republisher and distributor with as many as 26 individual resellers in its reseller network. Austrian, Swiss and German users […]

Offering the Latest in Browser Security on Campus

Opera to include CREN root digital certificates with Opera 7 Oslo, Norway and Washington, DC – Oct. 1, 2002 Opera is pleased to announce its partnership with the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (CREN), which will provide Opera with its root digital certificates for its upcoming Opera 7 release. CREN provides a specialized set […]