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Opera 6 for Mac OS 8.6-10.2 Beta 2 Released

Oslo, Norway — Nov. 4, 2002

Opera Software ASA today unveiled the speed-enhanced Opera 6 for Mac Beta 2 with shared library support, which offers Mac developers the ability to use Opera’s superior rendering engine in their products.

Opera 6 for Mac OS 8.6-10.2 Beta 2 has undergone speed-enhancements as well as a series of other fixes related to the cookie manager, quick preferences, keychain in forms, and link bar. Further improvements in all of these areas will appear in the final Opera 6 for Mac version.

“We have been working hard to make sure that this version lives up to Opera’s reputation as the best Internet experience,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software ASA, “and we are hoping to see extensive feedback from all our Mac users out there to let us know how we can improve it even further.”

Opera 6.0 for Mac is the first Opera desktop browser that has the Opera core as shared library. Inclusion of shared library support offers Mac application developers the ability to make use of Opera’s superior rendering engine in their products.

“All users have the right to enjoy a better Internet experience regardless of application,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner. “We are therefore encouraging developers worldwide to contact us about using the Opera rendering engine as an integral part of their Mac applications.”

The shared library was co-developed with Macromedia and the result of an agreement to embed the Opera browser in Macromedia’s Web authoring products from July 2, 2002. In the future, Web developers using Macromedia’s tools on the Macintosh will be able to preview the pages they have created using Opera’s rendering engine. Other interested developers can contact Opera to use the shared library in their applications and preview HTML pages in a real functioning browser – the Opera browser.

Any developer interested in using Opera in their application can contact the Opera Mac team via this contact form.

Download Opera

Opera 6 for Mac OS 8.6-10.2 Beta 2 is a pre-production release and may contain bugs. Use it only on properly backed up computers. Download Opera for Mac Beta 2 from our download pages.

For a complete changelog, please visit the changelog pages.

Buy Opera

Opera is currently running a campaign for all users. Users can register the Opera browser at a campaign price of USD 29 (a USD 10 saving off the regular price) to receive a free upgrade to version 7, access to personal support via e-mail, and free OperaMail Premium for 6 months (available from the time Opera 7 has been downloaded).

Please see the press release about the Opera and Macromedia agreement from July 2, 2002.

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