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Join GameMaker’s latest game jam for a chance to become a part of gaming history and feature on a bespoke arcade cabinet

#NoticeMe Game Jam to give away $33,000  in prize money and immortalise winners in a one-of-a-kind arcade machine. Winners to be announced by gaming YouTube superstar PewDiePie. 22 February 2022, Dundee, Scotland and Oslo, Norway – Opera and GameMaker are excited to announce the #NoticeMe Game Jam, which will take place from March 4th to […]

Opera GX and GameMaker go live with GXC, a new game platform to make creating, sharing, monetizing and playing new games as quick and easy as posting on social media

Game making and sharing without coding is here. Opera GXC delivers the first glimpse of Opera’s grand gaming vision by bringing GameMaker Studio 2 and Opera GX closer to make creating, sharing and playing new games as quick and easy as posting on social media.  The GXC platform enters public beta today.  The platform provides […]

Opera opens up for faster, easier and free publishing of new games from GameMaker Studio to Opera GX users

Opera is launching a new self publishing platform named GXC. GXC will provide game creators with faster feedback for early stage games as well as with 1-click publishing from GameMaker Studio, to Opera GX’s growing gaming community. Game creators can join an early bird competition with a $45K prize pool for the best submitted games.