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Opera 5.2 for QNX with Unicode support released

OSLO, Norway – Aug. 8, 2001

Opera Software today released the final desktop version of Opera 5.2 for QNX, making the QNX version available to the general public for the first time. Opera 5.2 for QNX is the first Opera version to support Unicode, enabling the display of non-Latin characters. With Unicode, Opera can give World-Wide Web users the best Internet experience in their own language. Opera Software will release Unicode versions of its browser on all supported platforms in the near future.

QNX, founded in 1980, is the operating system marketed, maintained and developed by QNX Software Systems Limited. QNX has shown its reliability in systems as diverse as automotive systems to emergency response systems. Companies like 3Com, Motorola, Matsushita and IBM have chosen QNX technology to build reliable applications for a range of different systems uses.

“Opera Software has previously been a pioneer in supporting non-English languages, and we have made the browser available in lesser used languages like Breton and Irish,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software. “We are looking forward to supplying the Net’s fastest growing markets with a faster, smaller and more standards-compliant Internet experience on any device or platform.”

In today’s release, the Voyager Web client, originally developed as the Web browser for the QNX operating system, is utilized as the user interface to the Opera Web server. With Opera on the server side, QNX can utilize Opera’s popular features to give users a faster and more flexible Internet experience.

Opera 5.2 for QNX supports the following technologies:

  • Unicode support
  • Works with Java (OTI/J9) and popular plug-ins such as Flash, pdf plug-in, media plug-ins/players, RealPlayer. (These engines are delivered by QSSL as a part of their distribution and thus are not included in Opera)
  • Will display HTML content in your own mail client
  • Renders HTML 1, 2.0, 3.2 and 4 pages
  • Renders XHTML 1 Pages
  • XML 1.0 with CSS stylesheet
  • WAP pages (WML)
  • Full CSS 1 and partial CSS 2 support

The Voyager Web client is utilized as the user interface to the Opera Web server. The PtWebClient widget provides a user-defined area within the Voyager application for the Opera server to format and display Web pages. No JVM is included. Only plugins (pdf, wav, mpg) in the EMBED tag are run. The helper application API is not implemented as of today.

Download Opera 5.2 for QNX.

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