Opera delivers triplets for *nix

Opera 7.20 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD released

Oslo, Norway – September 2, 2003

Opera Software today released three new Opera 7.20 Beta versions for the Unix variances Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD Beta. These three beta releases all add support for bidirectional languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, establishing Opera as a true global browser and increases rendering speed, adhering to its popular tagline, “The Fastest Browser on Earth.”

The beta version of Opera 7.20 for Solaris and Free BSD is the first release on the 7 development branch for these platforms, the last version being 6.12. Opera 7.20 offers a powerful package of features and functionality including increased speed and performance to Solaris and FreeBSD users. Linux users have already been able to enjoy all the popular Opera 7 features, and can now experience even more speed and greater performance in this new 7.20 Beta version. The Opera 7.20 for Windows Beta version is only three days old, and with this release Opera’s Unix variants are well up to speed with its Windows counterpart.

As recent press reports indicate that development of Netscape has been largely abandoned, Opera is left as the only major commercial player continuing to push browser development on these platforms, offering a vast number of new users a continually up-to-date and enhanced Internet experience.

“Opera 7 has been greeted with cheers from users and press all over the world. By continuously listening closely to our users throughout Opera’s development cycle over the years, we have succeeded in creating the very best browser there is,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software ASA. “This technological lead is further expanded with today’s release. The feedback from our testers has been unison: Opera 7.20 significantly boosts speed and performance.”

The final Opera 7.20 on all platforms will be released later this year.

See the changelogs for Opera 7.20 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD Beta.

Buy beta versions at reduced rates

Buy Opera 7.20 for Solaris, FreeBSD, or Linux now and get a free upgrade to the final version and 6 months of OperaMail Premium for only USD 29. (Reg. price USD 39). Note: Opera does not provide support for beta versions. You can access the Support desk when the final version is released.

Warning: Opera 7.20 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD is a beta release, and can display unexpected characteristics. Beta versions should only be tested by advanced users. Opera recommends that beta versions are run from a separate folder from your regular Opera installation.