Opera’s BREW® Web Browser Proving to be a Winner – Opera Demonstrates February 14, 2005 Oslo, Norway – February 14, 2005 Opera Software ASA today announced theCompany will demonstrate its BREW Web browser in QUALCOMM’s booth Hall 1,Stand No: A2 at 3GSM World Congress. The BREW browser was commerciallylaunched in December 2004 on the Casio W21 CA handset, which becameJapan’s best selling wireless phone at the time of launch, and has provedpopular with users in Japan. As concluded in a survey conducted by ImpressCorporation, the W21 CA was voted the third most popular phone of 2004because of its installed full Web browser. Opera is leveraging itsfeature-rich and standards-based Web browser as the interface to thespecial services available to BREW mobile phone users. Opera’s unique Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) technology reformats Webcontent to fit the screen width of a handheld device, ensuring that usershave a user-friendly and optimized display of Web pages and relevantapplications. Opera’s BREW Web browser is the first to incorporate theBREW platform’s contextual shopping capabilities and offers advancedpurchasing services for mobile phones. For example, with contextualshopping, users can visit their favorite sports site via their mobilephone, look up scores and statistics and purchase contextually-relevantproducts or services such as sports-related wallpapers, ringtones orscreensavers.”We are very pleased that Opera developed its impressive browser for theBREW platform,” says Tom Grieco, senior director of BREW developerrelations for QUALCOMM Internet Services. “Opera’s work with BREWdemonstrates the efficiency of the standardized, consistent BREW APIs – akey benefit that allows all the companies involved, including handsetmanufacturers, to realize a faster time to market. Contextual shopping inBREW can also help operators and handset manufactures provide a much moreunified wireless experience for end-users.””Opera is pleased to be working with QUALCOMM to enable contextualshopping,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “We are lookingforward to the future of the handheld marketplace and the services thatcan be made available through the wireless Internet.”QUALCOMM’s BREW solution is designed to meet the distinct and varied needsof wireless operators, handset manufacturers, publishers, developers andend users around the world. BREW products and services include: an open,extensible client platform that supports robust system and applicationsoftware including personalized and branded user interfaces for massmarket devices; a J2EE-based, modular distribution system that enables thedelivery of content, applications and user interfaces to wireless devicesacross all air interfaces; a dedicated professional services team thatsupports the integration of customized implementations; and the wirelessindustry’s first global marketplace to support the monetization ofapplications and services developed in all programming languages. The BREWecosystem can make your wireless visions a reality.QUALCOMM and BREW are registered trademarks of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Allother trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Contact: Tor Odland (present at 3GSM) Communications Director E-mail: press04@opera.com Mobile: +47 99090872 Michelle Valdivia Marketing Communications Manager, Americas E-mail: press04@opera.com Office: +1 786 312 1717 Mobile: +1 786 208 6072 Find out more: Follow us on Twitter Help us share Opera with the world Become an Opera fan on Facebook Watch our videos on YouTube About Opera Since its founding in 1996, Opera has been a pioneer in shaping the future of the internet. Providing faster and more innovative web browsers, Opera is the everyday browser of choice for more than 320 million people. Opera Software AS is a privately held company and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Follow our news at http://blogs.opera.com/news/. Opera is a trademark of Opera Software AS.