Web’n’Walk: Opera and T-Mobile introduce full Web browsing to T-Mobile’s customers

Oslo, Norway – June 29, 2005

Opera Software, global leader in Webbrowser technologies, and T-Mobile today introduced the new Nokia 6680with the Opera browser as part of T-Mobile’s “Internet in your pocket”offering available in July 2005. Powered by the fast and popular Operabrowser, the Nokia 6680 couples mobile telephony with full Web access, andis the first 3G phone available in T-Mobile’s “Internet in your pocket” line.

“More and more operators are requesting the Opera browser on theirhandsets,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “With Opera’sWeb browser, T-Mobile can offer their subscribers the full Internet ontheir mobile phones, as well as quickly roll out new and advanced mobileservices that dramatically increase the phone’s usability and averagerevenue per user (ARPU).”

The idea behind the “Web’n’Walk” offering is to give people unrestrictedaccess to the full Internet and Web-based services when on-the-go, and ispart of T-Mobile’s initiative to grow data services into a mass market.

Web’n’Walk takes full advantage of Opera’s Web browser to give people thesame access to their favorite Web sites, e-mail and instant messaging ontheir mobile phone as on their regular PCs. With its unique Small-ScreenRendering technology and remarkable speed, the Opera browser on the Nokia6680 provides a compelling full Web experience on a mobile device.

In addition to Opera’s mobile Web browser, the Nokia 6680 comes with acomplete set of features including calendar, address book, MP3 player, 1.3megapixel camera, photo/video editing software and e-mailing capabilities.


The Nokia 6680 through T-Mobile’s “Internet in your pocket” offering isfirst available in Germany and Austria in July 2005.