Lighting up Times Square: Opera fans honored on ABC’s SuperSign this New Year’s Eve

Oslo, Norway – December 13, 2005

Opera Software today announced that one lucky Opera user will have his or her face on the gigantic ABC SuperSign in New York’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve. In honor of its dedicated fanbase, Opera has chosen this high profiled venue to celebrate its community of users. Nearly one million party-goers will witness Opera’s supersized fan tribute on the 585 square foot (54 square meter) screen.

All Opera users have the opportunity to be spotlighted, with one lucky user chosen. They simply have to send their photograph to Opera, along with the reason why they think they deserve to be featured on the big screen.

“Opera owes everything to the millions of devoted Opera users around the world, and we want to finish our 10th year with a big splash to thank them,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “I hope 2005 will be remembered, not as the year of my overly optimistic attempt to swim to the USA, but as the year the Opera browser went free and the Opera community grew larger and stronger than ever before.”

Opera will fly (or bike) the lucky Opera user with a guest to New York City for the New Year’s celebrations, where they will be staying at one of New York’s premiere hotels and receive two tickets to ABC’s New Year’s Eve party.

Starting on December 26 and climaxing on New Year’s Eve, the video tribute will be on rotation at least nine times a day on the gigantic 585 square foot (54 square meters) ABC SuperSign in the heart of Times Square.

To sign up or follow the development leading up to the 26th, please visit My Opera Community.

Information about the Times Square New Year’s Eve Party:

About the ABC SuperSign

According to ABC Inc, the the 585 square foot (54 square meters) is the largest SONY JumboTron© in the United States used as an outdoor billboard. It is America’s premiere outdoor electronic spectacular and is seen by millions each week on such recognizable telecasts as Good Morning America, 20/20, and ABC Sports College Football. As the world’s pre-eminent animated billboard, The ABC SuperSign truly captures the brilliance and showmanship of the most visited location anywhere, Times Square. Learn more about ABC SuperSign at