Your Web, Your Choice: Opera 9 Gives You the Control

Seattle and Oslo, Norway – June 20, 2006

Opera Software today releasedOpera 9, its newest Web browser for PCs. You can download it free in morethan 25 languages for Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms Opera 9 enhances the way you access, share and use onlinecontent by including innovative widgets – fun, small and useful Webprograms – and support for BitTorrentâ„¢, the popular file distributiontechnology. Even while adding these improvements, Opera 9 maintains thesecurity and speed millions of Opera fans have come to expect.

“For Opera 9, we worked hard to push the limits of what people expect froma Web browser, with increased speed, new Web standards support andinnovative features such as widgets and BitTorrent,” said Jon S. vonTetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Even though we shaped this browser forthe Web’s future, we have the powerful features people want and need fortheir surfing today. I truly feel Opera 9 has something for everyone.”

Choose Efficient, Productive Surfing

Opera strives to ensure you can be as efficient online as you want.Whether by pioneering the earliest form of tabbed browsing in the firstOpera browser or allowing you to add your favorite search engines to thesearch bar in Opera 9, we give you the tools to stay organized online.Features such as saved sessions, the trash can (to get those closed tabsback), notes and the ability to start exactly where you last closed Operakeep you productive.

Choose Security

Secure browsing is still the single most important attribute of any Webbrowser. Opera has a long track record of keeping you safe while online.By introducing the security bar to prevent scams like phishing andstrengthening Opera 9’s pop-up blocker to weed out annoying or potentiallymalicious pop-ups, Opera gives you new options for safe browsing.

Choose Your Style

Express your style with the click of a mouse. You can change the look andfeel of your browser by downloading new skins or altering buttons to suitthe way you want to use Opera. Opera 9 even lets you improve howindividual sites behave or block advertisements on a site-by-site basis.It’s your choice.

Choose Content

Widgets make everyday browsing fun and useful by bringing a variety of Webcontent and data right to your computer’s desktop. You can play games, getorganized, follow your favorite sports teams and more. Widget developerscan create widgets using open and common Web standards includingJavaScript, CSS, HTML and SVG and technologies like AJAX. For more information about using or making widgets, visit

Choose Innovation

Opera believes in an open Web by supporting open standards andtechnologies that lead the next wave of innovation. Opera 9 includes toolsto make it easier for sites to code for these open standards. Built-inExtensible Rendering Architecture (ERA) helps developers make sure theirsites work well on any Web-connected device. Opera’s browsers are built onthe same core technology, making it easy to test once in Opera 9 andensure compatibility with a variety of devices – from mobile phones toNintendo’s Wiiâ„¢. You can read more about Opera, Web standards and ourtechnology at

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