Sony Electronics uses the Opera browser for its new mylo personal communicator

Oslo, Norway – August 23, 2006

Opera Software today offers details on its embeddedbrowser for Sony’s mylo personal communication device. Available in the United Statesin September, the mylo communicator serves as an entertainment and communicationdevice for those who live in Wi-Fi enabled environments. With the Opera browser, mylocommunicator users can surf all their favorite Web sites, including popular webmailservices such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

“We are excited to be a part of this unique and versatile new device from Sony,” saysScott Hedrick, Executive Vice President, Opera Software. “A communication tool suchas mylo requires a browser that can deliver full Internet content in a seamless andeasy to use manner. Users surfing while on the go want their information fast andreliably delivered. With Opera’s extensive experience in providing the full Web tomobile phones, it has proven to be the best choice for mylo.”

Using Opera’s Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA), Opera instantly adjusts Webcontent to fit the mylo’s 2.4 inch color LCD screen, providing a better, moreintuitive Internet experience by eliminating horizontal scrolling. The Opera browserfor devices is renowned for maintaining full browsing features on devices with fewerresources than a typical desktop computer. With full Web standards support, the Operabrowser is easily ported to devices such as mylo – delivering a superior browsingexperience on any device.

“The mylo personal communicator puts the fun parts of a computer in the palm of yourhand,” said John Kodera, director of product marketing for personal communicationdevices at Sony Electronics. “It’s ideal for people who want to stay connected totheir online friends and family, but not be weighed down by a PC or buffeted bycharges for IM and texting on cell phones.”

About Opera for Devices

Opera provides an optimized implementation of Internet technologies for handhelddevices, digital TV and other devices, with innovative and powerful features thatseamlessly adapt the Internet experience to suit varying screen sizes and inputdevices. In addition to being a full Internet browser, Opera is a high performanceexecution environment for Web applications and dynamic user interfaces based oninteroperable open Web technologies such as AJAX.