SoonR and Opera deliver first worldwide ajax solution for mobile users and carriers

Los Angeles, CA – CTIA Wireless – September 13, 2006

SoonR, the only company that delivers the power of the PC and Mac to mobile phones, andOpera Software, a global leader in Web browser technology, todayannounced the first mobile AJAX application providing users instantremote access to their PCs from mobile phones running Opera”saward-winning mobile browser, Opera Mobileâ„¢.

SoonR’s service combined with the Opera AJAX-leveraged browser enablecarriers and consumers to enjoy a highly responsive, fast anduser-friendly interaction on the mobile phone. SoonR frees users frominstalling applications on their phone as they access data stored onremote PCs or Macs. Carriers can generate higher usage of data servicesby providing a superior user experience. AJAX delivers better responsetime and easier navigation through a simpler, user-friendly interface.AJAX user requests hit the network less often, reducing latency ofbrowser-based applications.

“Opera’s mobile AJAX-capable browser enables a second wave of mobileapplications and brings SoonR’s core architecture to the forefront ofsimple mobile access,” said Martin Frid-Nielsen, CEO of SoonR.”AJAX-based applications are fast, easy to use and work on a wide rangeof mobile handsets.”

AJAX is a Web development technique that is increasingly used to developnew Internet services such as Google Maps and Amazon A9 Search. AJAXfacilitates the creation and usage of rich Web applications with aremarkably short loading and response time. The Opera Mobileâ„¢ browserenables these types of rich Web applications to be developed and used onmobile phones.

“With the Opera-powered service from SoonR, people can quickly accesstheir computer files and applications from anywhere using their mobilephones,” says Roger Carlhammar, EVP Mobile, Opera Software. “SoonR”ssolution and the Opera Mobile browser is a terrific example of how AJAXcan be used to create highly efficient and user-friendly mobile services.”

SoonR is the only service that delivers Windows and Mac-based data andapplications to any data-enabled mobile device. SoonR is simple to usebecause it taps the built-in capabilities of the mobile phone with noadditional software to install.


SoonR’s AJAX enabled interface will be available immediately for anymobile phone that can run the Opera Mobileâ„¢ browser version 8.6 andabove. For details on specific phones, please refer to Opera’s website( When a SoonR user logs into the service, AJAX enabled phones will automatically be detected.

For a demo of the SoonR Opera solution, please see (Live Sept 13, at 0900 Pacific Time)

About SoonR

SoonR lets mobile users tap into the power of their computers from anyInternet-connected mobile handset, anywhere in the world. The SoonRservice is built on a secure and extensible, open standards based mobileapplication platform, linking mobile phones to applications and data onany Internet connected Windows or Mac computer. People can use SoonRDesktop to search and access documents and images, SoonR Organizer foremail, scheduling and contacts and SoonR Talk for mobile VoIP. SoonRintegrates with a variety of Windows or Mac-based applications such asGoogle Desktop Search, MSN Desktop Search, Yahoo! Desktop Search, X1,Spotlight, Outlook and Skype. PC-based data is automatically renderedfor an optimal mobile experience. SoonR performs all these functionswithout synchronization or any additional software on the handset. SoonRworks across carriers and on any handset operating system includingPalm, Microsoft, Blackberry, Symbian and others. The basic SoonR serviceis free. Data service is required and some SMS charges may apply.

SoonR was founded in 2004 by a team that has successfully workedtogether across multiple companies and is based in both Silicon Valleyand Denmark. For more information, visit

SoonR is a registered trademark of SoonR, Inc. Skype, Yahoo!, X1,Google, Amazon, A9, Palm, Microsoft, MSN, MS Outlook, Windows, Mac OS,Spotlight, OperaMobile, Blackberry and Symbian are trademarks of theirrespective owners.

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