Opera Mini accelerates the growth of the mobile Internet in Poland

Oslo, Norway – March 1, 2007

Opera Software today announced that PTC/era, (Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, Era and Heyah networks) the leading operator in Poland, is bringing mobile Web browsing to most of its users with the launch of the “blueconnect in your mobile” service. PTC/era will pre-install Opera Mini, the fast and easy-to-use mobile Web browser from Opera Software, on 13 high volume mobile phones. They will also make Opera Mini available as a free over-the-air download to nearly 200 other phone models. As a result, the significant part of mobile phone portfolio of PTC/Era is covered and supported by Opera Mini.

Opera Mini enables Era’s customers to browse all their favorite Web sites, including web mail, news and social sites from the mobile screen. In addition to the full Internet, users will be able to take advantage of their favorite mobile content and transaction services with Era Omnix.

“The Polish market is an extremely exciting market for us. For years, Opera has had a significant market share with its PC browser in Poland. Recently we opened our new development center in Wroclaw. We are looking forward to further grow our market share in Poland and its neighboring countries.” said Kai Leppäenen, VP Mobile, Opera Software. “We aim to growthe market for mobile Internet surfing in Poland with new and exciting service models based on blueconnect in your mobile from PTC/Era.”

The Opera Mini browser, made by Opera Software, has been lauded worldwide for its ability to deliver the best Internet experience on nearly all mobile phones, from high-end smartphones to basic mobile handsets designed for the mass market. In one year, more than 12 million people worldwide have downloaded and used the Opera Mini browser because of its ease-of-use and cost effectiveness. By processing Web pages through a server, the data that is sent to the mobile phone is compressed by as much as 80 percent,which brings further costs savings to mobile network customers that are seeking ways to deliver data efficiently. For the end-user, this means faster browsing and dramatically reduced phone bills for those who pay per KB in data traffic.


A customized version of Opera Mini is preinstalled and shipping in the following phones:

  • Motorola K1
  • Motorola V3
  • Nokia 6070
  • Nokia 6230i
  • Nokia 5300
  • Nokia 6131
  • Nokia 6233
  • Nokia 6280
  • Nokia 7373
  • Samsung SGH-D900
  • Sony Ericsson K510i
  • Sony Ericsson K750i
  • Sony Ericsson W810i

In addition, Opera Mini is available to nearly 200 other mobile phones in PTC/era’s network. Opera Mini is available to these customers as a free over-the-air download.

About Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa

Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (operator of the Era and Heyah networks) is the leading Polish mobile telecommunication provider. Since the company began commercial operations in 1996 under the brand Era GSM (now Era), it has become one of the top Polish companies. PTC operates services using GSM 900, GSM 1800 and UMTS licenses. It also offers the fastest wireless internet access solution called blueconnect using the HSDPA technology. PTC has over 12 million clients. It covers 96.5% of the nation’s territory and 99.6% of its population.
More on Era and PTC at: www.era.pl. More on blueconnect service atwww.blueconnect.pl.