World’s most popular mobile browser enters a new Dimension

Opera Mini 4 beta now available

OSLO, NORWAY ­ June 19, 2007

Opera Software today released Opera Mini 4beta, codenamed Dimension, the much-awaited sneak preview of the newestversion of Opera’s pioneering Web browser for all mobile phones.Opera Mini 4 beta is a complete redesign of the world’s most popularmobile Web browser. The new overview mode empowers people to browse theirfavorite Web sites, just like they do on their PC. Opera Mini 4 beta isavailable free from

Opera Mini 4 beta also features a new zoom, based on the original Operafeature introduced for Nintendo Wii. When zooming, Opera Mini dives intothe page and then snaps to the content so scrolling is smooth whileaccessing the desired content immediately. Like all Opera products, OperaMini 4 beta is built for speed. It is more than twice as fast as any othermobile browser.

“Opera Mini has always been my favorite mobile application,” said PhilBurns, an Opera Mini user from Ireland and “Of all theapplications I have on my mobile Opera Mini is the only one I use everyday. The fact that you can get the real Web – not WAP – on your regularphone makes it the best way to bring mobile browsing to the masses. Ican’t wait to try the beta and discover the new features.”

“We are excited to share the beta with the fast-growing community of Opera Mini users,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. “The feedback from the beta users will go to make Opera Mini even better and we thank the community for their efforts. Opera Mini has succeeded only due to the support of the people who have made it the most popular mobile browser available today.”

“As the first mobile browser to gain mass popularity, Opera Mini hasproven people want access to all their favorite Internet services andsites on their mobile phone,” said Lee Ott, director of mobile products,Yahoo!. “As Opera’s exclusive mobile search partner, our revolutionaryYahoo! oneSearch service gives their millions of consumers worldwideaccess to the better search results and instant answers they want on theirmobile phone.”

More than 15 million people have browsed more than 5 billion pages withOpera Mini since its worldwide debut in 2006. The current version of OperaMini 3.1 is available free of charge from

About Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a Web revolution on mobile phones. Opera Mini works effortlessly with almost any phone made today, allowing users to browse their favorite sites from their mobile. Opera Mini is based on Opera’s world-leading browser technology that ensures a rich, consistent Web experience regardless of device.