Chinese mobile phone users to browse the Web with “KongZhong Opera”

Beijing, China, July 19, 2007

KongZhong Corporation (Nasdaq: KONG), oneof China’s leading wireless content and media providers, today announced astrategic partner agreement with Opera Software ASA, the only company inthe world that puts the Web on any device. The two companies willintroduce a “KongZhong Opera” browser solution for Chinese mobile phoneusers.

Under the agreement, Opera will develop a customized “KongZhong Opera”browser with as the default home page. “KongZhong Opera” is afree download that enables mobile phone users to browse both traditionalInternet sites and WAP sites with their cell phones. KongZhong and Operaexpect to generate advertising revenues, search-related revenues and otherrevenues from “KongZhong Opera”.

Mr. Nick Yang, KongZhong’s President, said, “As the developer of the verypopular Opera browser, Opera has a large amount of users from PCs, cellphones, pocket PCs and even certain types of game consoles. On the otherhand,, operated by KongZhong, is one of the leading wirelessInternet portals in China. This strategic partnership offers mobile phoneusers the best products of the two companies. We expect that greatdistribution of “KongZhong Opera” browser will bring increased traffic, strengthen our brand awareness and enhance our leadershipposition in wireless Internet industry.”

“China is a very important market for Opera and to approach it correctlywe need a strong partner,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.”KongZhong is an ideal match for us because we share two importantcharacteristics: a desire to give the users what they want and the abilityto deliver useful, yet powerful innovation into the hands of consumers.Together, we can create the mobile Web experience for millions of Chinesemobile phone users.”

About KongZhong

KongZhong Corporation is one of China’s leading providers of wirelessvalue-added services and a wireless media company providing news, contentand mobile advertising services through its wireless Internet sites. TheCompany delivers wireless value-added services to consumers in Chinathrough multiple technology platforms including wireless applicationprotocol (WAP), multimedia messaging service (MMS), JAVATM, shortmessaging service (SMS), interactive voice response (IVR), and colorring-back tone (CRBT). The Company also operates two wireless Internetsites, and, which enable users to access media,entertainment and community content directly from their mobile phones.

Safe Harbor Statement

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