Mobile Web surges forward with Opera Mini

Oslo, Norway and Barcelona, Spain – February 11, 2008

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Opera today provided fresh statistics that provide a glimpse into the mobile Web’s explosive growth. In the two years since its worldwide launch, Opera Mini has achieved more than 35 million cumulative users. Every day, more than 100,000 people download Opera Mini to discover how exciting the Web can be on their mobile phone.

Opera Mini is completely free to download and use on almost every phone made today. Simply visit with your phone’s current, boring browser and get ready to enjoy browsing the Web in speed and style. You can also choose to have Opera Mini sent to your phone via an SMS message.

“We thank everyone who has helped to make Opera Mini the most popular mobile browser ever made,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Opera Mini proves that consumers have the power to change the industry. When you download Opera Mini, you cast a vote for a better mobile Web experience. Operators and device manufacturers all over the world have listened and are now helping to shape a new era of openness.”

Opera Mini has many features that have revolutionized browsing on ordinary feature phones. Featuring elegant, desktop-like rendering of pages, Opera Mini uses Opera Zoom to dive into the content on the page for easy reading and fast access to the content you want. Opera Mini also includes Opera Link, a free service that synchronizes your bookmarks, Speed Dial and personal toolbar between Opera Mini and Opera on your computer.

Opera Mini can be downloaded for free from

The Opera browser for your PC, Mac or Linux computer can be downloaded for free from