Ten by Orange chooses Opera Mini to feature unlimited mobile Internet

Oslo, Norway and Paris, France – March 4, 2008

Opera Software, a leading provider of Web browsing solutions, todayannounced that Ten by Orange has launched its innovative and unlimitedmobile Internet service, Easy Web, powered by Opera Mini.

Leveraging Opera’s compression technology to pre-process and compress Webpages by up to 90% before sending them to mobile phones, the Easy Webservice enables Ten by Orange customers to access the full Web, surf theirfavorite websites, enjoy mobile blogging and social networking – all onthe go. Easy Web, powered by Opera Mini, will be made available on theHTC Touch, Samsung SGH-F330 and fifteen other handsets in France.

A subsidiary of the Orange Group, Ten by Orange develops innovative offersand services designed to bring mobile Internet solutions to the Frenchmarketplace. “By partnering with Opera, we are able to provide ourcustomers with a true Web browser which is fast, robust and keeps ourdelivery costs under control,” said Thierry Coilhac, COO of Tenby Orange. “In addition, Opera’s development team demonstrated their deepexpertise when creating a customized Opera Mini solution based on ourspecific requirements.”

Opera Mini, with over 35 million cumulative users, is the world’s mostpopular mobile Web browser. The tailor-made Opera Mini solution for Ten byOrange boasts a customized home page with full brand integration of theUser Interface (UI), homepage control including search, modification ofmenu items, pre-installation, bookmarks and more. For operators and OEMs,a branded Opera Mini enables greater brand loyalty and increased ARPU.

“Opera continues to work with customers such as Ten by Orange to implementadvanced mobile browsing solutions to meet their current and futureneeds,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Together with ourcustomers and partners, we look forward to continue extending the growingmarket momentum of mobile Web browsing.”

Opera Mini makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more intuitive thanever by offering a high quality PC-like Internet experience. Bringing thedesktop experience to mobile, Opera Mini’s Small Screen Rendering (SSR)reformats the Web page to fit inside the screen width, automaticallyeliminating the need for horizontal scrolling. Alternatively, a new”Desktop mode” gives users a wider view of the page. Opera Zoomfunctionality allows users to drive into the page offering dynamicnavigation of the page content. With tens of millions of users anddeployments at many of the world’s top operators and OEMs, Opera Mini is aproven solution backed with real-world results.