Your phone’s best friend: the new Opera Mini

Preview of upcoming Opera Mini amps up your mobile

Oslo, Norway and Las Vegas, NV – April 2, 2008

Opera today released the beta preview of Opera Mini, the newest version of the award-winning browser that works on almost every mobile phone. Opera Mini 4.1 improves the way Opera Mini interacts with your phone to make browsing more convenient, more productive and definitely more fun. Opera Mini is available to download for beta testing at

The new Opera Mini takes your mobile browsing experience to a new level of interactivity with both the phone and the Web. With Opera Mini 4.1 you can:

Go racing

Opera knows a thing or two about performance. Opera Mini 4.1 features speed improvements and is up to 50% faster than Opera Mini 4.

Autocomplete your URLs

Save your fingers. Opera Mini will automatically suggest URL completions, making address input easy and intuitive.

Save pages

Getting ready to lose your signal? Make the most of offline time by saving Web pages for later viewing.

Find content in the page

Finding that word or phrase on the small screen has never been easier. Opera Mini now lets you immediately find the content you want.

Download and upload files

Now you never have to leave Opera Mini for your phone’s clunky native browser to download images, ringtones and other content, or add attachments to e-mail. Opera Mini handles all of these files.

View the guided tour of Opera Mini 4.1

“There’s a reason Opera Mini has made such an impact around the world – our community,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. “Your input and feedback have pushed us to make Opera Mini better with each version. I hope everyone enjoys these new features, but we ask for your candor and feedback as we get ready to make Opera Mini even more relevant to the millions of people who use us and the millions of people who discover Opera Mini every month.”

“I’m a recent convert to Opera Mini,” said Greg Andrews, a musician and Opera Mini user living in Los Angeles. “I use it everywhere I go and I travel a lot. Opera Mini has everything I need for general Web browsing, but also a number of other features I use constantly, like Opera Link. Frankly, I can”t remember how I managed before I discovered Opera Mini. It completely transformed my life on the road.”

More than 40 million cumulative users have discovered how Opera Mini can revolutionize their mobile Web experience. Not only does Opera Mini deliver the Web faster to your phone, it also displays the page just as it looks in your desktop browser. Opera Zoom gracefully dives into the content for easy reading and interaction. Opera Mini now also includes Opera Link, a free service that synchronizes your bookmarks, Speed Dial and personal bar between all your Web browsers. Opera Mini is completely free to download and use.

Availability and feedback

Opera Mini 4.1 is a free download from Note that not all features may work on all phones or in all regions. Please contact your mobile operator to check availabilty of all features on your handset. Opera uses the feedback you give us to improve our products. Please let us know what you think about Opera Mini 4.1 on our forums: For the regular and battle-tested version of Opera Mini, go to

A message from our engineers

Opera Mini 4.1 is 50% faster than Opera Mini 4.0 when it first launched on November 7, 2007. If you have been using Opera Mini 4.0 consistently since launch, you probably will not notice a major difference in speed since the upgrade is taking place on the server side.