Opera Mini — the people’s choice

Oslo, Norway – May 13, 2008

Today, Opera Software announced the availability of Opera Mini 4.1, the newest version of the award-winning browser that works on nearly every mobile phone. Opera Mini 4.1 revolutionizes the way people get the Web on their Mobile phone. People can now enjoy instant access to websites from any location and any device. Opera Mini is freely available from http://www.operamini.com.

Opera Mini 4.1 introduces the following new features:

  • Opera Mini 4.1 is up to 50% faster than Opera Mini 4.0
  • The new Opera Mini will automatically suggest URL completions, making address input easy and intuitive
  • Web pages can be saved for later off-line viewing
  • Opera Mini 4.1 gives you quick access to the word or phrase you want in Web pages
  • Images, ringtones and other content can be downloaded without leaving Opera Mini.

“More than 44 million people from all over the world have discovered and fallen in love with Opera Mini,” says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. “Those people are not just the users of Opera Mini, they are also the co-creators and our most valued critics of the product. We have actively talked to our community members in order to build the best Web browser for mobile phones. I strongly believe that the newest version of Opera Mini will be received with much excitement.”

“Opera Mini 4.1 is just great,” says RamÅ«nas Monkevičius, a student from Lithuania. “I use it at school to find information on Wikipedia, on the bus to read up on the latest news, and even in bed, for blogging. Opera Mini enables me to be up to date with current events from all over the world. My favorite new feature of Opera Mini 4.1 is the ability to save websites for later reading, it really helps me at school. I can just save my Wikipedia pages and access them whenever I need to. My history grades improved drastically, thanks to Opera Mini.”

View the guided tour of Opera Mini 4.1 http://www.operamini.com/tour.

About Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the world’s most popular mobile browser. Since its worldwide launch in 2006, more than 44 million people have used Opera Mini. Not only does Opera Mini deliver the Web to your phone faster, it also displays the page just as it looks in your desktop browser. Opera Zoom function dives into the content for easy reading and interaction. Opera Mini now also includes Opera Link, a free service that synchronizes your bookmarks and Speed Dial between all your Web browsers.

In addition to the massive popularity of people downloading Opera Mini directly to their phones, in 2007 there was strong demand for the company’s embedded browser solution, 59 handsets were announced with Opera Mini pre-installed. Altogether, more than 800 different phone models are being used by Opera Mini.

Opera Mini 4.1 is a free download from http://www.operamini.com. Note that not all features may work on all phones or in all regions. Please contact your mobile operator to check availability of all features on your handset.

Download Opera Mini 4.1 press-kit