Your killer app goes cross-device with the Opera Widgets SDK beta

Proving the promise of One Web

Oslo, Norway – May 21, 2008

Opera Software today released the Opera Widgets SDK beta, enabling Web developers to deploy Web applications on any device. The Opera Widgets SDK is based on open, W3C-set standards to employ common web technologies such as HTML, CSS and media queries, JavaScript and Ajax, in creating advanced Web applications. The SDK features an emulator, libraries, documentation and Opera Dragonfly for debugging. The Opera Widgets SDK beta is available at:

“Opera continues to lead the way to real convergence with the Opera WidgetsSDK,” says Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera Software. “Promoting One Web takes on additional meaning with the support of an SDK to develop full-scale Web applications for any range of devices at one time.”

Features of the Opera Widgets SDK beta include:

Widget emulator

Instantly experience how widgets should appear and function across TV, computer and mobile screens, for easier cross-device development.



Save time by using libraries for animation and other characteristics that will add compelling functionality to your applications.



Gain access to extensive information on how to develop Opera Widgets.


User forums

Solicit help and participate in community forums.


Opera Dragonfly

Use the latest cross-device developer tools for easy debugging.

Today the Opera Widgets repository contains over 1,200 widgets for desktop, mobile phones and devices such as ARCHOS portable media players. These widgets include games, news feeds, information widgets for travel and weather, as well as Web developer tools for color pickers, pixel rulers and more. The Opera Widgets SDK makes it even easier to create widgets of various complexity, using known andpracticed Web standards, that can run across devices.

“Opera has had the foresight to leverage the Web as a way to deliver content across devices,” says Jill Aldort, Senior Analyst of Consumer Mobility Applications, Yankee Group. “Demand to access information, content, and communities while mobile, is high enough such that having a full Web browsing experience is becoming a requirement for mobile phones and devices. The mobile internet is developing as a platform for application deployment, with widgets enabling improved content syndication. Opera is well positioned to play in thisconvergence initiative.”

Be heard


Opera Widgets SDK is still in development. We invite your feedback to ensure thefinal release fits your needs. Learn more and share your thoughts




Opera Widgets SDK beta is supported by Opera 9.5 and above and is available at:

About Opera Dragonfly


The developer tools with Opera Dragonfly will debug Web pages, Widgets and Webapplications on any device. Features include a JavaScript Debugger, DOM and CSSInspectors, Error Console and Command Line. For more information, please visit:

View the Opera Widgets SDK guided tour at: