Opera and Haute Secure partner to protect consumers from next-generation Web-based threats

Opera improves its industry-leading Fraud Protection with advanced malware prevention technology from Haute Secure

Oslo, Norway and Seattle – June 6, 2008

Opera Software today announced a new partnership with Haute Secure, the leader in Web-based threat protection. This partnership broadens Opera’s industry leading Fraud Protection by incorporating Haute Secure’s advanced prevention technology to shield consumers from malware, malicious software hidden throughout the Web. Available in Opera 9.5, the upcoming new version of Opera’s Web browser, Fraud Protection featuring HauteSecure technology prevents users from accidentally or unknowingly downloading rogue malware designed to steal personal data such as credit card numbers, passwords and other identity information.

“When someone downloads Opera, we make a commitment to do everything we can to keep them safe,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. “Today we”ve extended that commitment beyond the browser to protect our users from malware that tries to attack when they visit a compromised Web page or that they may unintentionally try to download. Haute Secure’s prevention technology is reinventing Web-based threat detection and we look forward to working together in protecting our users all over the world.”

Together, Opera and Haute Secure block Web sites known to distribute malware as well as protect Opera users from downloading software from links designed to trigger malicious attacks. The combination of the industry’s largest database of known malware distributors from Haute Secure and Opera’s Fraud Protection architecture enables Opera users to secure their entire computers proactively from malware that threatens the security of personal data.

“Malware innovation is morphing malicious software at a pace so rapid, it makes current security technologies useless in protecting web users from harmful attacks,” said Steve Anderson, co-founder of Haute Secure. “Today’s web users face more threats than ever before and Haute Secure is solely focused on building best-of-breed malware protection that prevents users from becoming crime victims just by browsing the Internet. With Opera’s dedication to keeping its users secure, our partnership is protecting more than 20 million web users from malicious attacks.”

Built specifically to keep consumers safe from constantly evolving malicious software prolific across the Internet today, Haute Secure delivers the only complete way to protect a user’s personal data from Web-based malware. In addition to core technology that predicts, warns and protects users from hidden threats, Haute Secure has developed an additional layer of community protection that harnesses the collective intelligence of partners and users to ensure data security, and now Opera’s community is a part of this effort.


Malware protection powered by Haute Secure is integrated to Opera’s Fraud Protection, and will be available in the upcoming Opera 9.5. Opera 9.5 will be available free from http://www.opera.com/.

Opera’s commitment to security

Opera is dedicated to protecting you online. Opera continually evolves its security profile in order to better safeguard you and your personal data. Opera’s Fraud Protection, powered by Haute Secure, Netcraft and PhishTank, provides near real-time defense against fraudulent Web sites and malicious software. Opera’s unique architecture allows rapid inclusion of new security technologies as both threats and defenses evolve. By including technology partners that embrace community-powered identification and defense, Opera’s Fraud Protection allows anyone using Opera to contribute easily to those communities and improve security for all. To learn more about how Opera keeps you secure, visit http://www.opera.com/security/.

About Haute Secure

Haute Secure is the leader in web-based threat protection. Founded in 2006 by a team of security, Internet and Web experts with a desire to make the Web safer for everybody, Haute Secure took a new approach to preventing malware attacks threatening consumers across the Internet. Utilizing the latest Web technologies and building a community platform, Haute Secure has redefined threat detection by creating the only complete way to protect personal data from Web-based malware. Haute Secure combines patent-pending algorithms that predict, warn and protect users from hidden malware with a community platform that allows the user base to actively contribute reputation information about Web sites. The Haute Secure solution stops Web-based attacks that other current security products and technologies can not prevent. http://www.hautesecure.com