No smartphone? No problem.

Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report shows top mobile Internet phones


Oslo, Norway – July 22, 2008


The mobile Web is not only for people with a smartphone, according to Opera Software’s State of the Mobile Web report, released today. Six out of the most popular phones models for Web browsing with Opera Mini are from Nokia, two are from Sony Ericsson, one is from BlackBerry, and one is from Samsung. In the United States, nine of the top 10 phones for Opera Mini are BlackBerries. The report can be viewed in its entirety from


“People want the Web on their phone regardless of the type of phone they have,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. “Our list of top phones shows both smartphones and feature phones, which is a testament to the versatility Opera Mini provides. Additionally, it proves that given the right experience, many more people will use the Web on their phone. Accessing the Web on your phone is not a luxury limited to who has the most expensive phone model.”


Other highlights from the State of the Mobile Web, June 2008 report:

  • Usage continues to grow as more consumers find value in accessing full Web content on their mobile phones. People using Opera Mini viewed more than 3.2 billion pages in June, up 9.4% over May.
  • Opera Mini drives carrier and operator value. In June, Opera Mini users generated more than 46.7 million MB of data for operators worldwide. Because Opera Mini compresses data up to 85%, this actual amount of data requested was 311 million MB in June.

As the world’s most popular Web browser for mobile phones, Opera Mini provides an elegant, fast and rich Web browsing experience. While some Web browsers work on only 20 to 30 phone models, Opera Mini runs on more than 800 different handsets, making it the available to the widest range of consumers worldwide. Almost every phone with Java can run Opera Mini. Completely free for anyone to download and use, Opera Mini is available from


Data in the report is based on aggregate and anonymous statistics from Opera Mini servers. All percentages are based on a snapshot of the Top 100 sites for each region. Beyond providing a snapshot of worldwide browsing trends, Opera’s “State of the Mobile Web” highlights the browsing trends in the ten countries where Opera Mini is most popular: the United States, Russia, China, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, South Africa and Ukraine.