O2 Internet in a pocket: Discover the amazing Internet opportunities within your phone

Oslo, Norway – August 29, 2008

O2 in Slovakia brings Internet in a pocket to its customers with a special version of the popular Opera Mini Internet browser. With the Internet in a pocket browser, O2 customers have the entire web within their mobile phone.

“O2 customers can forget sluggish download of pages, expensive phones and high bills for transferred data. O2 brings its customers information which is always at hand. O2 Internet in a pocket means that not only is the latest news, weather forecasts, sports and timetables available on the Internet, but all Web sites worldwide,” said René Parák, the spokesman of Telefónica O2 Slovakia.

“Slovaks are joining a worldwide mobile Internet movement. Millions of people across the world are using Opera Mini to access all their favorite Web sites, due to its speed, affordability and easy of use. Best of all, they can get online with the phone they have today and enjoy the Web on O2’s worldclass network,” says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.

With the popular Opera Mini application adapted specially for O2, customers get:


    Full-value Internet browser for most mobile phones


    The Internet in a pocket browser supports hundreds of types of mobile phones. The only prerequisite is the support of Java and GPRS, a technology supported by vast majority of the mobile phones on the market. Thereby, Internet in a pocket can be utilized by customers without an expensive phone as well.


    Access to real Web sites, just as they know them from the PC


    Now O2 customers have the whole Web on their mobile phones. This includes the latest news, weather forecast and timetables. Now they can look up and find anything in the huge source of information being offered by the Internet – anytime and anywhere they need it.


    Prompt loading and display of pages, saving on transferred data


    With the O2 Internet in a pocket browser, O2 customers can forget about the lengthy download of pages. The browser is specially adapted for the conditions of the mobile network. It is not only fast, it also transfers much less data, so the O2 customers pay less.


Other functions The Internet in a pocket browser offers many functions the customers are used to from their PC. Among them are the mouse and the cursor, bookmarks with favourite pages and the RSS functionality.

How can I download my O2 Internet in a pocket?

The procedure is very simple. Open the following Web address in the WAP browser of his mobile phone: http://wap.o2active.sk/internet, then:

  1. Select the option “Download browser”
  2. Confirm installation
  3. Run the Internet in a pocket browser from the menu

About Opera Mini

Opera Mini brings the full Web experience to mobile phones. People can enjoy instant access to Web sites anywhere, anytime. Users of Opera Mini will benefit from a desktop-like browsing experience that displays Web pages as they are meant to be seen. In addition, Opera Mini utilizes Opera’s compression technology to pre-process Web pages by up to 90 percent before sending them to phones, resulting in faster page downloads without compromising end-user experience. As a result, download costs are kept to a minimum.