Cell One brings Opera Mini to Namibia

Oslo, Norway — November 18, 2008

Marking the company’s firstoperator-branded delivery to Africa, Opera Software announces its newagreement with Namibia’s Cell One.

By selecting Opera Mini 4.1 to bring the Web to their subscribers, CellOne is able to completely customize the look of Opera Mini to coincidewith their corporate branding and messaging. Opera provides Cell One witha dynamic homescreen featuring Cell One Mail and Cell One Chat, givingusers an easier way to access these frequently used online services.

“Our priority is to ensure excellent customer experience, and gettingonline with Opera conveniently will enhance customer satisfaction,” saidRonel Le Grange, Cell One’s Group Product Manager. “In addition, Cell Onewill provide access to free email, chat and other value added services viaOpera Mini, making it even easier to exchange content and informationwhile on-the-go.”

In its latest State of the Mobile Web report, Opera reported on thesignificant growth it is seeing across most of Africa. Due to low personalcomputer penetration throughout the continent, Africans are turning totheir mobile phones to get online. Currently, Egypt and South Africa rankamongst the top 10 Opera Mini users worldwide.

“Our partnership with Cell One helps us to fulfil our mission to bring theWeb to anyone, anywhere,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Itis exciting to connect more Namibians to the Internet and provide themwith a tool to communicate with the world. Cell One and Opera have plantedthe seeds for the mobile Web in Namibia, and we anticipate usage numbersto skyrocket in this region, as they have in Egypt and South Africa.”

About Cell One

Cell One, a Namibian cellular communications company and the second mobileoperator in Namibia, commercially launched its operations in Namibia onMarch 16th 2007. By the beginning 2008, less than a year after launch CellOne’s coverage is in all 13 regions of Namibia. Cell One recognizes thegenuine need for choice in Namibia and aims to deliver exceptionalcustomer service.Powercom (Pty) trading as Cell One is a truly Namibian company owned byNamPower (37%), Telecom Management Partner (AS) (39%), Zeven InvestmentCorporation (12%), Old Mutual (10%), and the PowerCom EducationalDevelopment Trust (2%).