Opera and BrightCloud bring security, Web filtering and parental control to mobile Web

Mountain View, CA and San Diego, CA – February 11, 2009

Opera Software and BrightCloud, Inc. have announced today a new technologyventure that will provide added security, parental control and Webfiltering to operators who ship and distribute the Opera Mini browser.With this technology, operators across the globe will be able to implementparental control mechanisms, block access to adult content or other sites,block services that are deemed inappropriate, and add in an extra level ofsecurity, especially for enterprise networks.

“Over the past year, we have received special requests from operatorsthat have asked for the ability to control and filter content through ourOpera Mini browser, mainly due to the laws and regulations of thecountries where the operators do business,” explained Rolf Assev, ChiefStrategy Officer for Opera Software. “Based on these requests, we soughtout to partner with the company that had the best solution on themarket. We found that solution with BrightCloud and look forward toworking with them to make our Opera Mini solutions even better for theworld’s operators.”

The BrightCloud Service provides access to the largest and most accurateset of categorized Web sites in the industry, with coverage almost tentimes greater than that of other Web-filtering providers. This enhancedcoverage significantly reduces end user exposure to security and otherinternet threats by reducing the number of uncategorized or unknown Websites visited. The combination of Opera Mini and the BrightCloud Serviceprovides the most comprehensive Web-filtering protection for mobile usersavailable in the industry today.

“BrightCloud is pleased to partner with an industry leader such asOpera,” commented Quinn Curtis, BrightCloud CEO. “The number of mobiledevices with Opera Mini is growing rapidly worldwide, especially inemerging mobile markets like Asia and Eastern Europe. As a result,consumers and enterprises are demanding a safe, controlled and secure Webbrowsing experience. The BrightCloud Service integrated with Opera Minican be deployed quickly and is a perfect solution for operators.”

Opera Mini is the most downloaded mobile browser in the world with nearly20 million active users. It includes popular features such as SpeedDial, Opera Link, and the ability to save pages, notes, and bookmarks.In December 2008, Opera Mini users viewed more than 6.4 billion pages witheach user viewing approximately 360 pages on average.

About BrightCloud

BrightCloud, Inc. has built the next-generation Web-filtering database.BrightCloud provides security vendors with hosted security services thatextend the value propositions of Web filtering across the Internet’s “longtail” – the nearly one billion Web sites and IP addresses visited byenterprise customers which includes both the most popular sites as well asthose sites less frequently visited, but visited nonetheless. Targetcustomers include enterprise security vendors in the security appliance,enterprise security application, end point security, enterprise securityapplication, wireless, e-mail, and xSP spaces. BrightCloud uses the latestin machine learning algorithms, as well as human classification, to buildthe largest and most accurate URL database available. By integrating theBrightCloud services, OEMs provide their end customers with a richer,multi-layered security solution. For more information, visitwww.brightcloud.com.