One user interface (UI) on any mobile phone

Opera introduces new, cross-platform UI framework.

Opera Mobile 10 now available to operators and OEMs on major mobile platforms including Android, BREW, Windows Mobile and Symbian/S60

Oslo, Norway — December 10, 2009

Opera Software today released Opera Mobile 10 to operators and OEMs. This direct-to-distributor version is available on Android, BREW, Windows Mobile and Symbian/S60 smartphones and includes Opera’s new, cross-platform UI framework. As a part of Opera’s shift to unify the look and feel of its mobile browsers, the cross-platform UI framework allows operators and OEMs to implement the same user experience quickly and cost-effectively across their entire range of handsets.

The building blocks of a great UI

Opera’s cross-platform UI framework is built on top of the browser engine. This allows it to work seamlessly on all platforms running Opera Mobile or Opera Mini. This framework is tailored for efficient execution of dynamic user interfaces for Web browsers. Opera’s cross-platform UI framework empowers operators and OEMs to deploy one browser UI to a wide range of devices, with minimal integration. The result is a unified, consistent Internet experience for the end users and time and cost savings for the operators or OEMs.

A unique and visually stunning experience

“Because no operator offers just one type of mobile phone, Opera has developed a new UI solution that can be deployed on multiple phones and platforms. Due to its pure versatility, the cross-platform UI framework can be customized by Opera to meet brand requirements,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Our mobile UI has already been deployed on millions of handsets, and the rave reviews we”ve received tell us that Opera has succeeded in creating a unique and visually stunning Web experience that’s easy and compelling for users across the board.”

Opera Mobile 10 is the market-ready browser of choice for smartphones and advanced feature phones, with more than 135 million shipments globally. The browser comes packed with features to make mobile Web surfing easier, including tabs, Speed Dial and password manager. Today’s release for operators and OEMS on the major platforms opens up the Opera experience tomore people, on more devices.

How to distribute Opera Mobile 10 to your customers

A public download of Opera Mobile 10 beta for Windows Mobile and Symbian/S60 smartphones is available at Mobile 10 for BREW and Android-based mobile phones is available only to operators and OEMs upon request. Currently, these platforms present limitations that hinder mass consumer distribution.