Opera browser tops the charts in Ukraine according to gemiusRanking

Oslo, Norway – February 3, 2010

Between November 2009 and January 2010, Opera surged ahead as Ukraine’s browser leader, in terms of number of Web pages viewed. Opera users view more than 35 percent of all Web pages in Ukraine, according to the gemiusRanking report made by the Gemius Company. The full report is available at: http://ranking.com.ua/en/rankings/web-browsers-groups.html.

According to the report, more than 21 percent of Ukrainians view Web pages with Opera 10. Opera 10 made its debut in September 2009, armed with innovative features such as Opera Turbo, Opera Unite and a new look.

“Ukraine is one of the fastest growing, emerging Internet markets in Eastern Europe. According to our data, the number of Internet users in Ukraine grows three to four percent each month,” said Dmitry Lysiuk, General Manager, Gemius Ukraine. “Ukrainian users are passionate about finding the best Web applications, services and browsers. Opera has a solid reputation in Ukraine, and last quarter alone, Opera grew faster than any other browsers according to our Ukrainian browser market summary.”

Why Ukrainians love Opera 10:

  • Opera Turbo – No matter your network connection, Opera Turbo boosts browsing speeds, despite the congestion or your lack of broadband.
  • Opera Unite – With Opera Unite, you and your favorite files need never be apart. Unite serves as a unique, new way to share music, photos and files with friends and family, without a third-party Web service.
  • Friendly user interface – Opera 10 brings users visual tabs, Speed Dial with up to 25 pre-set links for quick access to your favorite Web sites, and an overall fresh facelift to the user interface.
  • All-in-one browsing – Opera knows that you get online with more than one device, that is why there’s Opera Link for syncing your browser settings between your devices. Opera 10 also includes built-in BitTorrent, IRC and e-mail.
  • Opera Dragonfly – These tools are a developer’s dream! Opera Dragonfly is a debugging application to optimize your Web sites more quickly.

“The Opera community in Ukraine is one of the largest in the world,” said Jon S. von Tetzchner, Co-founder, Opera Software. “Opera 10 has made a significant impact in the Ukrainian market, as many of the new features introduced in that version were very relevant to the users. Opera’s goal is to spread the Web to all corners of the earth, and if more Ukrainians are now surfing more quickly and efficiently because of Opera, we are one step further in our mission.”

Read more about the gemiusRanking report: http://ranking.com.ua/en/index.html