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Opera launches CDK for Connected TVs and set-top boxes

Oslo, Norway and Amsterdam, Netherlands – September 9, 2010

Opera Software has just lowered the threshold for TV content development by unveiling the Opera Devices Content Development Kit (CDK) at the IBC Show in Amsterdam today. The Opera Devices CDK is now available for download from

An important asset to Opera customers and partners, the Opera Devices CDK will now allow any web developer to create content for TVs and other Internet-powered devices, without requiring access to the physical device. Developing HTML5 and HbbTV-enabled content will now be a breeze on the PC platform, rather than the device itself, and debugging will become easy with Opera Dragonfly – the world’s most powerful debugger – which comes as part of the package.

The Opera Devices CDK can be installed on any standard Linux PC and will empower OEMs, content developers, content service providers and Opera partners to create and debug portals, applications, widgets and webpages for TVs and other Opera-powered devices.

OEMs and operators can also use the Opera Devices CDK as a “reference platform”, so, once they develop for one device, they can ensure it works on any device that runs Opera’s widely-used browsers. Opera Devices CDK supports the latest W3C, HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV), OIPF, and CEA-2014 specifications unlocking a new dimension for content developers who can write content for all standards and deploy on Opera TVs anywhere.

“Until now, developers did not have a simple way to create applications for TV,” said Frode Hernes, VP Products, TV and Connected Devices, Opera Software. “With Opera Devices CDK, they can now bring reliable, fine-tuned applications to market much more quickly. Opera has always been on the forefront of innovation. The Opera Devices CDK comes at an optimal time when demand is high and will only grow for TV Apps and other Internet-connected devices.”

Opera Devices CDK provides the following content:

  • Supports all features of the Opera Devices SDK
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/DOM
  • SVG, Canvas
  • W3C Widgets
  • HTML5 <video> and <audio>
  • Simulate limited RAM availability
  • Set screen-size tailored to target device
  • Easy to test any webpage
  • Debug with Opera Dragonfly

Meet Opera at IBC

Opera will be showing Opera Devices CDK at the IBC 2010 show in Amsterdam. To see it in action, please visit the Opera Software booth in Hall 4, A95.