On-line, all the time!

Oslo, Norway and Saint-Petersburg, Russia – September 28, 2010

Opera Software today released a special version of Opera Mini for the mobile operator TELE2 Russia. Now, TELE2 Russia subscribers can get one-click access to games, music and entertainment content at the mobile operator’s portal with an extremely fast mobile browser. Moreover, users are now able to charge their mobile accounts in an instant, directly from the Opera Mini browser.

Along with the special version of Opera Mini, TELE2 Russia users can now surf the Web with no limits from just 2.9 RUR (7 eurocents) a day, thanks to the new “Unlimited Opera Mini” service package by TELE2 Russia. This service package can be activated for more than 3000 mobile phone models supported by the Opera Mini browser. Users need not worry about traffic or money they spend every day to chat with friends on social networks, send important emails or read the news while on the go.

The special version of Opera Mini will be available in any region covered by TELE2 Russia. You can easily download it for free from m.opera.com using your default mobile browser.

Opera Mini offers many of the features from the Opera desktop browser, such as tabs, bookmarks, password manager and Speed Dial. Server-side compression technology allows Opera Mini users to get webpages significantly faster than with any other mobile browser. Opera Mini has more than 62 million monthly users all over the world, with Russia recording one of the highest numbers of Opera Mini users. Over the past year, the number of webpages viewed by Opera Mini users in Russia has increased by more than 67 percent (source: http://www.opera.com/smw/2010/07/). An Opera Mini user in Russia views 510 webpages every month on average.

“Opera Mini for TELE2 Russia brings unique experience of communications between mobile operator and its subscribers. This is the first step in our partnership with one of the fastest-growing mobile operators in Russia,” said Mikhail Ilin, Director of Sales, Opera Software, Russia.

“Today we introduce an integrated solution, by packaging a convenient mobile browser and unlimited access to the Web. Using the ‘Unlimited Opera Mini” service package our subscribers will be able to enjoy favorite sites wherever they need it. As usual for TELE2, the service is available at the best price,” said Roman Volodin, Director of Products, TELE2 Russia.

TELE2 Russia is a subsidiary of TELE2 international telecommunications holding and works as a discounter. The company has licenses to provide cellular services in 37 regions of Russia and serves more than 16.5 million subscribers. The partnership with Opera Software is part of a global frame agreement, under which the special version of Opera Mini can also be offered for TELE2 subscribers in Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Norway.

TELE2 Russia subscribers can download special version of Opera Mini for free from m.opera.com.