Recent News, 2010

Opera Mini comes to Chile

Entel Chile, in association with Vodafone, will be first operator in Latin America to offer Opera Mini with widgets on handsets. Oslo, Norway – November 29, 2010 Opera Software today announced a partnership with Entel Chile that will put a customised version of the Opera Mini mobile browser with widgets, developed exclusively for Vodafone, on […]

Generation Y chooses the mobile Web

Results from 300,000-person survey published in new State of the Mobile Web report Oslo, Norway – November 24, 2010 Most 18-27 year-old Opera Mini users use their mobile phones to browse the Web more often than they use a desktop or laptop computer for the same purpose, according to the results from a survey released […]

Opera speeds up Symbian browsing

Opera Mobile 10.1 for Nokia smartphones goes final Oslo, Norway – November 24, 2010 Hold onto your hats, Nokia smartphone owners. Opera today unleashed the final version of Opera Mobile 10.1 for Symbian/Series 60 phones, with significantly faster JavaScript performance for a speedy browsing experience. Making its debut in Opera Mobile 10.1 for Symbian is […]

Tabs go to 11

First beta of Opera 11 showcases tab stacking Oslo, Norway – November 23, 2010 Tabbed browsing, one of the essential features in all browsers, has evolved yet again thanks to its long-time pioneer. Opera 11 beta introduces tab stacking, a better way to organize your open tabs. Traditionally, tabs were opened side-by-side, but now people […]

“Klik” your way to unlimited mobile internet access

Oslo, Norway and Podgorica, Montenegro – November 15, 2010 Telenor users in Montenegro can now access the Web for free and without limits until the end of January 2011 on more than 3000 mobile phones. Today, Telenor launched the Telenor Klik service, featuring the world’s most popular mobile browser Opera Mini. With Opera Mini, mobile […]

AdMarvel launches comprehensive mobile advertising solution for Verizon Developer Community (VDC) and VCAST applications

Smartphone developers gain access to a turnkey advertising and analytics solution with integrated advertising from leading Ad Networks San Mateo, CA – November 10, 2010 AdMarvel, the leading provider of mobile advertising platform services, in cooperation with Verizon Wireless, today announced the availability of its solution for smartphone developers building mobile applications for distribution via […]

Smart browsing in Africa

New mobile browsing research at Africa Com conference Oslo, Norway – November 10, 2010 Users of Opera Software’s mobile web browsers are more likely to engage in smartphone-like behavior on their feature phones, according to new findings announced today at an exclusive mobile operators event at Africa Com in Cape Town, South Africa. Research by […]

Turbo charge your Android

Opera Mobile 10.1 beta for Android available Oslo, Norway – November 9, 2010 Android users now have a new choice when it comes to browsers. Today, Opera Software announced that Opera Mobile 10.1 beta is available in the Android Market for free, providing the many millions of Android users better browser performance and an improved […]

Opera Mini just a “Klik” away

Mobile Web blossoms in Serbia as Telenor Serbia partners with Opera Oslo, Norway and Belgrade, Serbia – November 2, 2010 Telenor Serbia customers can now access the full Web through almost any mobile phone, thanks to the company’s new “Klik” service featuring Opera Mini as the default web browser. The Klik service offers a free […]

Opera Mini now available on top tier US mobile network

The world’s most popular browser now available on select T-Mobile USA phones Oslo, Norway – November 2, 2010 Opera Mini, the world’s most popular mobile browser, is now available for download on eight feature-phone models already out in the market on the T-Mobile USA network. Now, with Opera Mini’s easy-to-use interface, T-Mobile USA customers can […]