Opera Devices SDK 2.9 expands support for Broadcom’s latest set-top-box chipsets

Oslo, Norway – January 26, 2011

Opera Software today announced that its newly-released Opera Devices SDK 2.9 will have out-of-the-box support on Broadcom’s BCM7420 set-top-box SoC platform.

This latest browser has been integrated with Broadcom’s flexible set-top box API (application programming interface), providing a common Opera porting environment across a broad range of cable, satellite and IP set-top-box SoCs. These devices include current generation products such as the BCM7400, BCM7405, and BCM7335 and next-generation 40nm devices such as the BCM7231 and BCM7425.

Opera Devices SDK 2.9 builds on the strengths of Opera Devices SDK 2.8, by adding increased support for HTML5, including Application Cache, Web Workers and Web Storage, as well as OPIF and HbbTV compatibility. World-class JavaScript execution comes from the new Carakan JavaScript engine. End users can take advantage of Opera’s embedded TV UI to access long-tail content and bring a full Internet experience to devices in their living rooms.

“Broadcom is one of the most respected and deployed platforms in the set-top-box industry, and we are pleased to offer our SDK to its customers,” said Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera Software. “We have integrated our technology and deployed Broadcom chipsets for many years, and our advanced support of Broadcom’s platforms will enable new connected devices–at compelling price points and with advanced feature sets. With Opera Devices SDK’s smooth integration on Broadcom’s connected home platforms, we are excited to see how both manufacturers and developers use the platform to create innovative new solutions.”

In addition to the common set-top-box API, the SDK uses Broadcom’s DirectFB and high-performance-graphics porting layers to implement smooth page animations and effects using powerful 2D and 3D graphics engines. HD video also benefits from the SDK’s native use of Broadcom’s decode and display hardware, which in the latest 40nm devices includes support of advanced functionality such as SVC and MVC.

“We are pleased to support Opera with its strong foothold in the set-top-box market on our latest STB platforms that enable multiple ways for the consumer to experience the next-generation, Internet-connected home,” said Aidan O’Rourke, Senior Marketing Director, IP Set-Top Box, Broadcom Corporation. “Opera has championed web standards for many years and is a key industry leader in out-of-the-box browser support for emerging TV industry standards such as HbbTV.”