Better browsing on Bess Mobile

First OEM in Latin America to preinstall Opera Mini

Oslo, Norway – January 31, 2011

Opera Software today announced that Bess Mobile is the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in Latin America to preinstall Opera Mini on its devices. The world’s most popular mobile browser will be available on feature and basic phones such as Java-based devices VZ219, VZ210, VZ580, VZ750 and MV3000.

“Opera Software produces a world-class browser,” said Roberto Fregoso, Chief Technology Officer, Bess Mobile. “We see the addition of Opera Mini to our handsets as the perfect fit for providing a fast and secure mobile Internet option to our Latin American operators.”

Opera Mini is a web browser available for more than 3000 mobile phone models. It is easy to install and enables a better Internet browsing experience similar to that done on a computer. Globally, more than 85.5 million users surf the Web with Opera Mini, while saving on data traffic expenses due to Opera’s revolutionary data compression technology.

“The agreement with Bess Mobile allows Latin American operators to offer consumers access to a dynamic desktop-like Web experience on the small screen,” said Roy Satterthwaite, Senior Vice President Americas, Opera Software. “Using our technology, Opera’s partners can unify and expand their Internet-enabled product portfolio and service offerings.”

About Bess Mobile S.A.

Founded in 2008, Bess Mobile is a telecommunications enterprise dedicated to the manufacturing, assembly, sales and marketing of mobile phones and components; with a presence in Latin America and other locations around the world. The company is headquartered in Santiago, Chile and has been engaged in the telecommunications industry for 30 years through its affiliated companies, most recently adding the development of state of the art cellular phones catering to clients in Latin America. For more information, visit Bess Mobile at