Opera amps up South by Southwest

Unveils Opera 11.10 beta and new developer tools

Austin, TX, USA – March 11, 2011

Opera Software is heading to Austin for SXSW with lots of new toys for developers. Opera 11.10 beta, codenamed “Barracuda”, will make its debut at the show as will the beta of Opera Dragonfly, Opera’s set of web authoring and debugging tools.

Barracuda improves CSS3 support by adding multi-column layout and gradients – Web 2.0ers of the world, rejoice! Support for WebP, Google’s new image protocol, and the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) also appear in the beta’s debut.

The Opera Dragonfly beta adds a number of refinements to make your life in front of the screen just a little easier. A new breakpoints panel lets you slice and dice your JavaScript to find any problems. New ways to inspect network loads, resource handling and cookies give you greater insight into how your site loads and performs. Opera Dragonfly beta flaps its wings for the first time on March 14th.

But, wait – there’s more

All of Opera Software’s newest mobile products will appear at the booth, including the new Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, now also for tablets.

Come hang out with us

Technically, Opera is at booth numbers 1035-1039, but we recommend just looking for the giant, hanging “O” in hall three. If you visit our booth on March 15th at 4:00 PM, you will find us celebrating the new products with food, wine and beer.

What we say

“Did someone say beer?” commented Jan Standal, VP of Desktop Products, Opera Software. “Ahem… Opera has always been free as in beer. Now we’re giving away the beer too.”