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Telenor Hungary offers one-click Internet access with Opera Mini

Budapest, Hungary, April 5, 2011

Telenor’s new Klikk service provides fast and easy Internet access to all its users, even those with a traditional handset. Customers registering for the Klikk service can try out a new way of mobile browsing with a data allowance of 100 MB/month free of charge for the first three months. Ease of use is ensured by the fast and small-screen-optimized Opera Mini browser.

Based on recent surveys conducted by Telenor in Hungary, users with an Internet-enabled handset mostly use the Internet from their mobile phones to enjoy fast and convenient anytime access to information. Many of them use their mobile phones as a laptop replacement to access the Web while on the road (58% of respondents), but 40% and 30% surf the Internet with their mobile phones also at home and in the office, respectively.

A survey carried out last year found that 44% of Hungarians in the 15 to 64 age group believe that their handset is Internet enabled, but only one in five access the Internet from their mobile phones. Experience shows that a major portion of customers are not aware of the Internet-enabled nature of their handset.

About two in three respondents said they have no reason to use mobile Internet, while one in three believe that the mobile Internet is too expensive. When selecting a new handset, key decision-making criteria for people include durability, the features of the embedded camera and the availability of Bluetooth. In addition, many users have the false belief that their existing handset is not Internet enabled.

“Telenor wants to use its own tools to promote the widespread use of the Internet and contribute to eliminating digital illiteracy in the long run,” said Christopher Laska, CEO of Telenor Hungary. “In line with this ambition, we are now launching our Klikk service to enable more people to access the Internet from their mobile phone. Klikk is bringing a unique, new experience to our customers who can try easy, fast internet on their existing feature phones. In line with the government’s efforts and the Digital Renewal Action Plan, Telenor wants to make mobile broadband available to all Hungarians and make people aware of the benefits of this technology. We believe that realizing these goals will contribute to Hungary’s increased competitiveness and job creation already in the short run.”

A key component of the service is the free small-screen-optimized Opera Mini browser featuring seven preconfigured sites for ease of use. In addition to Telenor’s mobile portal, these include Facebook, Gmail and several popular news portals (Startlap and Index). Users can also set favorite websites themselves.

“90 million passionate users make Opera Mini the most popular mobile browser in the world,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “Winning their hearts started with a simple idea: providing extremely fast Internet available for all mobile devices. This idea has changed the mobile Web. We believe that now, Telenor’s Klikk service powered by Opera Mini technology will change the way people enjoy the mobile Web in Hungary.”

The Opera Mini browser supports over 3000 different types of handsets and is increasingly popular also in Hungary. The browser uses a compression technology to adjust webpages to smaller screen sizes for a better user experience. It is up to six times faster than some of its competitors and generates less data traffic, which makes it a highly cost-effective solution for those new to mobile phone-based web browsing.

The Klikk service is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers with price plans other than MobilKvartett, Menedzser, Internet, djuice or Red Bull Mobile. To register for the service please send a free SMS KLIKK to 1750. After the three-month trial period expires, the service will have a gross monthly fee of HUF 990. Subscribers do not need to worry about high phone bills, because once the 100 MB domestic data allowance is used, they will not be imposed an excess usage charge and can continue using mobile Internet at a reduced speed.

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