The post-PC era has arrived

Opera to showcase the future-proof browsers on phones, tablets and TVs at Computex 2011

Taipei, Taiwan – May 26, 2011

The Opera browser is now back from the future, appearing at Computex 2011! Opera Software, the leading cross-platform, cross-device browser developer, will showcase its future-proof browsers, supporting HTML5, geolocation API, CSS3 and more future web technologies on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, TVs and set-top boxes during Computex 2011, from May 31 to June 4. Lars Boilesen, Chief Executive Officer for Opera Software, will deliver the keynote speech, “Leveraging web innovation as a growth strategy” at Computex Taipei Executive Speech.

Embrace the “mobile-only” Internet generation

The number of people who use mobile phones or other connected devices to access the Internet is increasing. According to On Device Research, at least 40% of mobile Internet users never or infrequently use a desktop computer to access the Internet in South Africa, India, and Indonesia. Also, tablets are accelerating the adoption of the mobile Internet. There are now 2 billion mobile Internet devices in use today. Morgan Stanley predicted that by the end of 2020, it will increase to 10 billion. Opera is ready to embrace the “mobile-only” Internet generation by offering state-of-the-art browsers for all kinds of mobile devices.

Based on Opera’s cross-platform, cross-device core technology, Opera browsers offer a unified user-interface solution that can be customized for devices, creating a new standard for mobile and connected-device browsing. At Computex in Taipei, all new Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 for basic phones to high-end smartphones will be on on display. Opera for tablets enables a touch-friendly user interface with multiple feature innovations that improve the browsing experience on large-screen mobile devices, including iPad, Google gPad, MeeGo Tablet and Windows 7 Tablet.

Browsers of tomorrow are available today, for all devices-even TVs

Television is becoming a dynamic component of a multi-screen, digital, connected home. Display Search indicates in its report that the shipments will reach 123 million by 2014. Opera Software has worked with Broadcom, Humax, Loewe, Philips, MediaTek, Realtek, Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba, the leading TV/set-top-box OEMs, ODMs and chip-set manufacturers in the world, to deliver a superb Internet experience on TVs. At Computex 2011, Opera will demonstrate the power that the Opera Devices SDK 3.0 brings to connect TVs. Opera Devices SDK is a software development kit containing a browser, widget engine and application environment with which device manufacturers in the TV market can develop. It has the same core engine as Opera’s browsers for desktop and mobile and implements both the newest HTML5 standards and the TV-centric standards from OIPF, CEA and HbbTV.

“Today, millions of people access the Internet by using non-PC devices, including mobile phones, tablets, TVs and set-top boxes. They are accessing the Web, which had been previously designed for desktop computers or notebooks. The browser on these non-PC devices has to be powerful enough to handle the content on today’s Web,” said Boilesen. “Opera is striving to deliver the best Internet experience on any device, because we believe that access the Web is a universal right, no matter which device you are using. With the coming post-PC era, Opera is ready for get more people online with our future-proof browsers.”

Follow the big red balloon

Opera’s Computex booth is located A1210, Hall 1, TWTC. You can easily find us if you look for a big red balloon in section A. The participants will able to experience Opera on a variety of devices: Opera Devices SDK 3.0 on Broadcom 7420, supporting broadcast video, DVB integration, channel tuning, VOD and 2D hardware acceleration; Opera for HbbTV on Loewe TV; Opera Mini 6 on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian/Series 60 and J2ME phones; Opera 11 on Android, Symbian, Windows 7 and MeeGo platforms; Opera
11.11 for PC and Mac. If you are an Opera user, you are more than welcome to show your Opera installation to us. We have planned a surprise for you.

Last, but not least, Lars Boilesen will deliver a keynote address at the Computex Taipei Executive Speech 2011. The speeches will feature opinion leaders in the IT industry unveiling the most important trends and technology at Computex. To reserve your seats, please register at

Computex Taipei Executive Speech 2011-Leveraging web innovation as a growth strategy Opera Presenter: Lars Boilesen, Chief Executive Officer When: Thursday, June 2nd @ 4:25 pm Where: 3F, Banquet Hall, TICC

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