Opera joins hands with IAMAI to promote “Safe Surfing” in India

Mumbai, India – Aug 2, 2011

Although surfing the Web can be fun and informative, today’s online safety is a genuine concern for most people, especially parents. As part of its long-term commitment to creating safer online experiences for youth, Opera Software has come together with the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) to launch a “Safe Surfing Campaign”. With the primary objective to educate children on how to stay safe online, the “Safe Surfing Campaign” will positively impact 25,000 students in Ahmedabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Mysore and Hyderabad.

From August 2, Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Consultant & Advisor – IAMAI, along with Shwetank Dixit, Web Evangelist, Opera Software will visit schools in West and South India to conduct sessions on safe Internet browsing. The interactive campaign will focus on sixth grade students and above, in order to spread the beneficial impact of the Internet to future generations of net users, thereby educating them to be safe, smart and responsible users.

While the Internet offers many great opportunities, children and young adults/teenagers must understand that the potential risks to their privacy and safety are real. Neither banning access entirely nor keeping a strict watch is the correct way to solve this issue. Opera Software along with IAMAI looks forward to educating these new web users and in the process strengthen their browsing experience. Currently, there remains a digital divide between people enabled to use the Internet as a tool and those who are yet to learn to be an Internet user. This initiative is aimed at bridging this widening digital divide by making students more aware of the beneficial and empowering aspects of Internet.

“The Internet is an extremely important tool and resource catering to all groups of people, regardless of age or location. However, the Internet is not without its risks and dangers,” said Shwetank Dixit, Web Evangelist, Opera Software. “Internet security is a top priority in Opera Software and education is the key to Internet safety. We have an obligation to educate children, teenagers, parents and teachers, so they, too, can get the most out of their web experience.”

“We always advise children not to talk to strangers and remain vigilant while crossing road; similar rules need to be applied to the Internet as well,” said Rakshit Tandon, Consultant – IAMAI, Advisor – Cyber Complaint Redressal Cell, Uttar Pradesh Police. “With young kids becoming tech savvy, it has become extremely critical to educate them on the pros and cons of Internet surfing at an early stage.”

IAMAI has been in the forefront of this initiative for the past three years and has reached out to 450,000 students across the country. Learn more about the “Safe Surfing Campaign” at http://iamai.in/safesurf/.


The Internet and Mobile Association of India [IAMAI] is a young and vibrant association with ambitions of representing the entire gamut of digital businesses in India. It was established in 2004 by the leading online publishers, but in the last seven years has come to effectively address the challenges facing the digital and online industry including mobile content and services, online publishing, mobile advertising, online advertising, ecommerce and mobile & digital payments among others. For more information, please go to www.iamai.in.