Opera and Smart power up web surfing in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines – August 31, 2011

It’s time to take your mobile web browser to the next level. Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), the leading wireless services provider in the Philippines, and Opera Software, the developer of the world’s most popular mobile web browser, recently renewed and extended their cooperation. The two companies are devoted to bringing the best Internet experience to Smart subscribers with an improved Smart-Opera Mini browser.

With more than 121 million users worldwide, the Opera Mini mobile web browser has built a reputation for its convenient compression technology, which decreases the size of webpages by up to 90 percent before sending them to the phone. It results in significantly faster page loading and lowers data costs when users access the Web on a mobile network. From basic feature phones to high-end smartphones and tablets, more than 3,000 mobile device models in the Philippines will benefit from this enhanced surfing experience.

The lowered data size also makes Opera Mini a perfect partner to Smart’s volume-based ALWAYS ON packages. ALWAYS ON lets Smart mobile users stay connected to the Web at a more affordable rate based on the amount of data they wish to consume.

ALWAYS ON packages are available from P20 for 25MB of data (valid for one day) to P995 for 2GB of data (valid for 30 days). To activate a package, simply send “ON” and the amount of the package you would like 2200, e.g., (ON[space]20 send to 2200).

The Smart-Opera Mini browser further levels up the user experience with improved page scrolling, an intuitive user interface and added functionalities, such as pinch-to-zoom on supported devices and a share button for sharing to popular social networks.

Smart is renowned for its innovation in bringing world-class wireless data services. The company first introduced the Smart-Opera Mini browser in early 2010. The number of users of this co-branded browser has grown on average by 44.8 percent each month since its launch. This means more and more Filipinos are accessing the Web through their mobile phones with a better and more affordable browsing experience.

Smart – which has made the mobile Internet a cornerstone of its “Internet for All” objective – the Opera Mini browser will help make the World Wide Web even more accessible to a broader base of its subscribers, particularly to those who use feature phones.

“While our network and system are ready to provide data services, the challenge lies in the devices through which our subscribers access the Internet,” said Orlando Vea, Co-founder and Chief Wireless Advisor of Smart. “Opera Mini on a Smart cellphone can help introduce the mobile Internet experience to our subscribers, as it allows the Web to ‘fit” perfectly and comfortably into any cellphone.”

“The Web is changing and more people are getting online with their mobile devices. We need a smarter browser,” adds Rolf Assev, Head of Corporate Development and M&A, Opera Software. “This Smart-Opera Mini browser is a more refined browser for a great web experience. It is faster, smoother and smarter. We are excited to work with Smart to make the customized version available for Filipinos. I believe this will become your best friend when you are on the go with mobile phones or tablets!”

The enhanced Smart-Opera Mini 4.3 and Smart-Opera Mini 6.1 browser are now available for free to Smart subscribers through http://m.opera.com/. For more details on Smart’s ALWAYS ON plans, go to http://m.smart.com.ph/volumeplans/.

About Smart

Smart Communications, Inc. is the Philippines” leading wireless services provider with 46.6 million subscribers on its GSM network as of end-March 2011. Smart has built a reputation for innovation, having introduced world-first wireless data services, including mobile commerce services such as Smart Money, Smart Load and Smart Padala. Smart also offers 3G and HSPA services. Its Smart Link service provides communications to the global maritime industry. Smart Broadband, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, offers a wireless broadband service, Smart BRO, with over 1.4 million subscribers as of end-March 2011. Smart is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Philippines” leading telecommunications carrier, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. For more information, visit http://www.smart.com.ph.