Android vs. iPhone: Different OS, different habits

Oslo, Norway – October 27, 2011

Did you know that Android users are actually more likely to be active on music web sites than iPhone owners? Or, that feature phone users are the most active social web users? These stats and more are available in this month’s State of the Mobile Web report where we take a look at the differences between web usage for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and feature phones users. Anonymous, aggregated data from the Opera Audience Network show the differences in surfing habits between the different mobile platforms.

Some differences include:

  • Windows Phone users are more likely to visit email and communications sites compared to users of other platforms.
  • Are Android users more educated than users of the other platforms? Maybe, as they are the biggest group in the Education category. Education includes the websites for universities and general education.
  • Android users are the least likely to visit social media websites using their browser.

The data comes from statistics produced by the Opera Mini mobile web browser, a cloud-based browser currently in use by more than 131 million users each month. Read the full State of the Mobile Web report; check out the top categories and how each platform fares in each category of the interactive list.

Focus on Europe

Each month, the State of the Mobile Web report has a closer look at one out of six regions for a traffic analysis. This month, we focus on Europe. The top 10 countries using the Opera Mini browser in this region are the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Serbia, France, Hungary and Czech Republic. Note: High-ranking countries such as Belarus and Russia are counted under CIS, not Europe.

For September, Hungary and Romania led the growth race for the greatest number of Opera Mini users, while Hungary and Serbia showed the most page-view growth. For the most data-hungry countries, Hungary and Spain topped the list, meaning they viewed the most data-intensive pages, e.g., sites with lots of pictures.

During September, Opera Mini users accessed 11.6 petabytes of uncompressed data – that’s six times more than the total storage capacity of the human brain (or, one ninth of the android robot Data in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, according to statistics search engine Wolfram Alpha).

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