State of the Mobile Web: The mobile Web’s top 10 sites in 2011

Oslo, Norway – December 20, 2011

In the last State of the Mobile Web report for 2011, web browser company Opera Software takes a quick look at the most popular websites people are surfing from the world’s most used mobile web browser, Opera Mini.

2011 was the year of user-created content for Opera Mini users. Already very popular in the top 10 charts before 2011, websites like Wikipedia and Blogger saw an increase in their number of unique visitors and crept even higher on the charts. With more than 144 million Opera Mini users each month worldwide, the top-ten lists are somewhat static, but even a small change in list rankings can signify a huge shift in usage patterns.

Firmly at the top of the lists are the search, social network and video sites Google, Facebook and YouTube. Some sites that moved down or out of the list include app stores and older social sites like Orkut.

The world’s most popular websites on Opera Mini 2011 are:

  3. (up 1)
  4. (down 1)
  7. (up 4)
  9. (down 2)
  10. (up 2)

(Data is from number of unique users in November 2010 through November 2011. Change from November 2010 is in parenthesis.)

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The growth champion

After a long period of rapid growth in Asia, 2011 saw a new champion for Opera Mini usage: Latin America. This has become the new growth region, with an increase in unique users per month to 247 percent of that in 2010. This compares to 145 percent growth in rising star Africa and 138 percent in former regional champion South East Asia.

In November 2011, there were over 144.6 million Opera Mini users, a 3.3 percent increase from October 2011. Since November 2010, the number of unique users has increased 80.6 percent.

The number of pages viewed on Opera Mini has nearly doubled over the last year, increasing 98.2 percent since November 2010.

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