Expand your TV entertainment

Las Vegas, USA – January 9, 2012

So, your New Year’s promise was to get off the couch more? Why not spend time in front of your TV more effectively, getting more entertainment instead? Today, Opera launched the Opera TV Store, a complete HTML5-based store solution for connected TVs, now available for OEMs, developers and content providers who can easily reach millions of app-hungry users.

The Opera TV Store gives you a completely different way to experience TV. By introducing easily navigated HTML5 apps such as Facebook or Vimeo to your living room, it expands your TV entertainment options. The Opera TV Store is optimized for HD Ready screens and standard remote controls, so all you need is to relax and choose one from many of the cool apps including video, games and news.

“We had a simple idea that, in order to bring apps to the world of TV in a huge way, you need to provide users with a lean-back web experience and developers, content providers and manufacturers with the most convenient, cross-platform technology,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “With the Opera TV Store we”ve done it, and given the world of TV more possibilities and entertainment options at the same time.”

TV apps made easy

Are you developing apps for phones or tablets? The Opera TV Store is the next big thing for you. Use our convenient developer tools to create your killer cross-platform TV app and reach millions of users around the world. With the Opera TV Emulator and the Opera Dragonfly tool you can create and test your TV app without leaving your computer. To get started, check out the useful articles and tutorials specific to TV development at http://dev.opera.com/tv/.

Harness the power of TV apps

The Opera TV Store can be installed by OEMs on any set-top box, Blu-ray player or HD Ready TV. Manufacturers can easily harness the power of TV apps on any device running the Opera Devices SDK. Also, with a selection of high-quality, TV-optimized web apps offered within Opera TV Store, OEMs can rest assured that their users will get the best possible experience, without having to worry about the content themselves.

See the product video.

You can test-drive the Opera TV Store right now using the Opera TV Emulator. Experience for yourself how easy it is for users to navigate, install and launch TV-optimized applications from our catalog. Visit the developer portal for the Opera TV Store at http://www.opera.com/business/tv/store/.

The Opera TV Store is available for OEMs and content providers and will be shown at CES in Las Vegas. For more information, or to arrange a meeting, contact Thomas Ford, mobile: +1 310 739 6555.