A better web is brewing on Pantech

Barcelona, Spain – February 28, 2012

Worried about going over your mobile phone’s web data cap? Pantech is now bringing the Opera Mini mobile web browser to the rescue. Beginning this summer, Opera Mini will be preinstalled on Pantech’s BREW Mobile Platform (BMP), ensuring their users get even more enjoyment from the mobile web. Opera Mini’s advanced compression technology saves a significant amount of data, and it comes with a data counter to help you keep track of the data usage on the new Pantech phone, as well as how much data you’re saving with Opera Mini.

The Opera Mini browser is known for bringing a fast and cost-saving web experience to more than 160 million monthly users across the world. By using only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers and compressing webpages by up to 90%, the Opera Mini browser loads webpages much more quickly. Features such as tabs, Speed Dial, URL auto-completion and touchscreen control also save you time and effort when performing basic tasks, such as entering addresses, adding bookmarks or scrolling rapidly through pages.

“Pantech has always been creative in designing great mobile phones and making them affordable,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software. “Pantech understands what consumers need the most. Opera Mini’s cost-saving browsing will elevate users’ mobile Internet experience on Pantech’s BREW phones.”

The handsets that default the Opera Mini browser will be shipped this summer.

About Pantech

Pantech Co., Ltd., is one of Korea’s top three mobile handset makers. Pantech has received wide-ranging industry recognition for its innovative handset designs, and has also introduced a significant number of breakthrough technologies in the mobile phone industry. Established in 1991, Pantech collectively has approximately 3,000 employees and 6 regional sales offices worldwide. For more information on Pantech, please visit www.pantech.com.