How to pack your internet travel bag

Top browser features to get the most out of your getaway

Oslo, Norway – August 6, 2012

Every savvy traveler knows that a well-packed bag makes the journey more comfortable, and the same goes for your holiday web surfing. A web browser packed with smart features can make travel lighter, easier and more enjoyable – and as handy as a pocketknife with a can-opener and corkscrew attached.

“The more you travel, the less things you pack into your luggage; only the really handy stuff makes the cut. That’s where smart browsing for travel comes in,” says Ian Wright, the TV travel guru. “With Opera, you’re able to save costs, find your current location and even share photos from the camera in your device. And, it definitely doesn”t take up too much space in your suitcase.”

Your mobile or desktop browser holds many hidden gems to help you from start to finish on your vacation getaway: from travel research and saving money on the go, to sharing your favorite holiday snaps.

Organize your travel research

When you”ve got lots of tabs open in your web browser, it’s easy to get lost. Tab stacking gives you a better way to organize the different webpages you have open, enabling you to group them by topics, urgency or however you wish. Group together your hotel options or sightseeing ideas to keep them organized, at the ready and under control. For example, in the Opera web browser by Opera Software, simply drag one tab on top of another to stack them.

Browse without a trace

Do your travel research in secret, with the private browsing mode in your computer’s web browser. Want to surprise your partner with a dream holiday or even squeeze in extra vacation planning time at work? Right-click an open tab to select a private tab or even a whole private window, and get ready to surf in stealth.

Shrink your browsing bill

Hate to browse on your mobile or laptop using a crowded Wi-Fi hotspot or sluggish connection? Then give your travel browser a boost with a compression feature that crunches down the webpages you visit by up to 90% – loading fewer megabytes to save you time and cash. Get it in the Opera Mini browser for your mobile, or by activating “turbo” mode in the Opera browser for your computer, to slash your data consumption and surfing costs while roaming.

Keep your favorite sites at your fingertips

Even while traveling, you still expect fast and easy access to the web content you need. With Speed Dial, a set of unlimited visual bookmarks in your web browser’s start screen, you’re always just one click away from your favorite websites and handy online travel resources. Whether you’re on your phone, tablet or laptop, Speed Dial will get you to your top sites in a flash.

Sync up your surfing

Want easy access to the bookmarks saved on your home computer, even when you’re on the road with just your phone or mobile device? Use a browser that allows you to synchronize your bookmarks, Speed Dials, passwords and more across your computers, tablets and mobile phones. With Opera Link, you have access to these from any Opera browser, and you never need to leave important information behind while traveling.

Put yourself on the map

Want to see where you are on an online map, or get a list of nearby hotels and restaurants? The geolocation feature in your laptop or mobile browser comes to the rescue, detecting your location and providing you with handy info, like localized search results. To activate the service, simply agree to the terms and conditions shown the first time you visit a website requesting geolocation information (for example, Bing Maps or

Share your photos

Got your own blog or travel website? Use your web browser to save time and data when posting pictures. Opera allows web applications to access your computer’s built-in webcam. What does that mean for you? Even while you’re on the road, you can easily share your webcam’s photos to keep your friends and followers updated.

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