Social media, the king of online Asia

Oslo, Norway – August 31, 2012

Few regions on the planet are more diverse than the Asia Pacific area, but when it comes to surfing habits, most of the countries share common traits as shown by this month’s State of the Mobile Web report.

From the Opera Mini browser statistics, a trifecta of websites are recurrent in the top domain lists, but the next seven list placements are more varied.

  • Facebook is the undisputed #1 domain for most countries surveyed, with top placement in 16 of 25 countries.
  • The most popular sites are Facebook, Google and Youtube. In fact, this exact combination and order is repeated in most of the countries” top three list of domains.
  • Only two countries, China and Japan, had a different site other than the above mentioned three in the top spot of domains.

There is also a noticeable shift in the usage of devices in the Asia Pacific region, where more and more users are smartening up their mobiles. In some countries, such as Indonesia, the number of smartphones using Opera Mini or Opera Mobile has increased more than 460% since July 2011. Indonesia has been typical for the region, where we see significant uptake of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile on smartphones.


During July, the number of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile users increased to more than 205.7 million on a global basis. This number represents unique users per month, as compiled from numbers extracted via Opera Mini servers and Opera Mobile estimates. Compared to July 2011, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile combined grew by more than 43% year over year.

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