Stock up on social snacks with Opera Mini

Smart Page for your Android smartphone makes it even smarter – introducing Opera Mini 7.5

Stock up on social snacks with Opera Mini

What did my friend have for dinner? How big is my sister’s cat now? With important life events such as these, Opera today introduces Smart Page in its popular Opera Mini browser for Android. The Smart Page gives you instant access to social-networking updates and world news. Opera Mini’s Smart Page gives you a birds-eye view of what’ happening.

Smart Page lets you manage the information flow faster and easier, all in the same browser platform. The three main categories on the Smart Page give you easy access to the stuff you browse the most:

  • This is a one-stop shop for the latest updates, providing an overview of your social-network activity. Enter your Facebook, Twitter or vKontakte details to get the latest updates in one place, without having to visit several webpages.
  • Get the latest news from a wide variety of news sources, based on your browsing habits! Opera Mini 7.5 gathers the latest news headlines from news sites relevant to you, all in one place.
  • Smart Page features a list of relevant links based on the region your Android phone is located. In the list, users get suggested links from Opera Software as well as partners of Opera.

“There are just too many social networks, and I’m a busy man! Now, thanks to the Smart Page I can get all the updates at a glance, even from my favorite Danish newspapers. This is a real time saver!” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

All this, plus the classics

Smart Page exists next to the Speed Dial, a user’s favorite, that lets the user store shortcuts right on the first screen upon opening the browser or a new tab. Opera Mini 7.5 for Android compresses data, allowing you to surf faster on congested networks and get to the content even if data conditions are cramped. If you are on a pay-per-megabyte data plan, Opera Mini will save up to 90% of data spent, and thereby reducing costs.

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Watch this video to learn more about the Smart Page.