Opera brings more comfort to the living room

Las Vegas, USA – January 7, 2013

Scandinavians are crazy about trying to make all the world’s living rooms more comfortable. First of all, the large flat-packed furniture has done a good job so far, and now the browser-maker Opera Software is stepping in to do its part, showcasing the latest solutions for improving TV surfing in millions of living rooms all across the globe.

With an enhanced Opera TV Store and Opera Devices SDK, Opera is shaping a new way to be entertained in the living room. Here’s how Opera has spiced up these products with recent improvements:

  • The new Opera TV Store. The new version of Opera’s TV app framework, packed within an awesome interface, now offers a great selection of new HTML5 apps. A new Side-by-Side feature enables users to use apps in the context of what they’re watching, making the web even more closely integrated with TV.
  • Support for YouTube Leanback. Opera Devices SDK 3.5 now introduces support for YouTube’s personalized TV channel. To protect copyrighted content and improve streaming performance, it includes support for the latest web standards, Encrypted Media Extension and Media Source Extension.
  • More standards for content makers. With optimized support for CSS and Subtitles API, developers and content providers get cool graphic options for their TV apps. Support for latest SPDY protocol enables them to reduce webpage loading time significantly, now also in TV.

“The future of the web on TV involves more contextualization. People are looking for rich content options in the context of what they’re watching,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “By syncing TV content with smart apps, we can now truly bring more lean-back interactivity to living rooms around the world.”

Find Opera in South Hall, S2 Lower Level, #MP25063 in the CES Meeting Place at CES in Las Vegas, held January 8-11. To schedule a demo, contact Falguni Bhuta. Visit www.opera.com/tv/ to learn more.