Keen on adrenalin?

Top websites for the adventurer in you

Summer has officially started, and with it the best time of the year for outdoor activities. Bored of playing football every week, or on the lookout for some adventure? Why not try something new? Many outdoor activities and extreme sports can give you the rush of adrenaline you need while you discover new places.

Extreme sports enthusiast Kjersti Eide, jumped from a drop of 984 meters in Kjerag mountain, one of Norway’s most popular spots for BASE jumping. You can see her in action in the Off the Wall video by Norwegian browser maker Opera Software. “For me, life is about pushing your own boundaries. I am always on the lookout for new ways to challenge myself, and I think I’ve finally found balance in life through a fulfilling job as a nurse and a passion for extreme sports outside work,” explains Kjersti.


Inspired already? Start your journey by looking for some ideas and advice online. Opera Software has done the leg work for you and will help you surf through the infinite ocean of web content faster and easier.

Check out Opera’s top websites for adventure-thirsty folks:

1. Get inspiration. Want to know how would it be to BASE jump from the top of that cliff? Get your dose of adrenaline and inspiration for your next venture with Epic TV, a site that brings you videos of extreme sports from all over the world.

2. Know the basics. If you are looking for some expert advice and how-to articles about gear or anything related to the outdoors, check Explore magazine’s site. You will get the basics for your trip covered right away. More interested in photographic gear, or tips and tricks to get better shots? Then Let’s be wild is your site.

3. Find destinations. Adventure Travel and National Geographic Adventure both have great articles and tips on destinations for your next adventure. You can also read profiles of other adventurers and get inspired by their stories!

4. Connect with the community. Meet other explorers who share your interests and exchange experiences! The Hub is the online community for ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) members, where you can join groups, events and much more. Explorer’s connect is also a site for networking in the adventure world, which offers vast resources to prepare you for your next trip.

5. Check the weather. They say there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing, but when it comes to extreme sports there’s much more to bear in mind. For an advanced weather forecast check Wind Guru, which provides a detailed 5-day weather forecast, with wind speed and direction, tides, wave periods and more.


Whether you are at home planning your next stunt or on the go in need of fast internet access on your phone, the wide range of Opera browsers will help you get where you want to go in a blink. Opera keeps you online under all kinds of conditions thanks to its Off-Road feature, which uses Opera’s compression technology to load webpages much faster. Download the Opera browser and discover all that the web has to offer!