When mobile users take to smartphones

The Nepali mobile internet market is increasing rapidly, and not only on basic phones, show numbers from Opera’s latest State of the Mobile Web report.

While the number of users in Nepal of the Opera Mini mobile web browser has doubled from 2012 to 2013, another interesting trend is observed.

There is a shift from basic phones to smartphones in Nepal, and it is happening quickly. The number of Opera Mini users on Android has also doubled from last year and the trend curve is pointing upwards.

In the report, available for free at www.operasoftware.com/smw/, analysis of the user-generated data shows that Nepali Opera Mini users are not too different from users in the rest of the world. They love social media and news, both international and local. In fact, 9 out of 10 pages viewed by Nepali Opera Mini users are Facebook pages, signifying the popularity of social networking sites.

Read the whole report here: www.operasoftware.com/smw/.

Growth of Opera mobile products

Worldwide, the Opera Mini browser reached an all-time high in number of users during October. In all, more than 245 million users surfed with the Opera Mini browser in October. Combined with the number of Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic users, the total number of users on Opera Software’s mobile products reached 267 million users in October.

Opera Mini is also available on smartphone platforms, including Android and iOS, and is contributing to the reach of Opera Software products on smartphones. In October 2013, more than 39% of all Opera mobile browser users were on smartphone platforms.