The top ten African websites map

What are the differences in surfing habits across the African continent? As more and more Africans pick up their mobile phones and head onto the web, patterns in their surfing habits start to emerge. In this State of the Mobile Web report, Opera Software provides an overview of the most popular websites and the mobile devices used to access them, across the whole of Africa.

Some highlights from the report:

  • Battle of the top sites: Major international brands dominate the top-three rankings for websites visited, but all kinds of local sites, such as governmental, news and lifestyle sites, do appear in the top-ten lists for almost all of the African countries.
  • Local news is big in Zimbabwe: With four out of the top 10 websites being local, Zimbabwe is the country with most local sites of all African countries. The four sites are focused on news, both national and regional.
  • Android growth continues: The top-ten list of mobile devices in African countries is getting ever more populated with Android devices, as more affordable handsets are launched in the market.

Opera browser growth

The number of Opera Mini and Opera for Android users totaled 259 million during the month of February, representing 25% growth compared to the same month last year. The 259 million users viewed more than 168 billion pages during February 2014.

Read the full State of the Mobile Web report.