Ericsson and Opera enter into partnership to deliver marketing services to operators

Mobile operators worldwide will be able to generate new revenues and grow market share thanks to the combination of Ericsson’s Media Delivery Network (MDN) solution and Opera Software’s Rocket Platform.

This collaboration will enable new monetization and network services that include the launch of Opera’s Rocket Marketer, which delivers in-session content, messaging and offers from an operator within a user’s browsing session, putting operators and their unique value proposition back in front of their customers.

The solution will also leverage access to Opera Mediaworks, the world’s largest independent advertising platform, to further assist operators in monetizing their core assets.

“We are pleased to form this partnership with Ericsson. The collaboration integrating our new Rocket Platform into the Ericsson Media Delivery Network allows operators to interact with their customers in a highly targeted manner, providing offers, promotions and recommendations advantageous to both,” said Opera CEO Lars Boilesen.

Enabling operators to deliver content and bring added value to the media chain

Ericsson’s Media Delivery Network is a single, all-software solution for the optimized delivery of managed and unmanaged content across both fixed and mobile networks. Ericsson’s focus on enabling operators to bring added value to the media chain is what shapes the solution, which uniquely couples innovation in caching and optimization with the connection of essential partnerships to unlock new growth through media-centric business models.

“Right now operators face the real challenge of generating sustainable business growth as network traffic scales rapidly and new internet-based apps erode some of the traditional consumer services they provided. This partnership really enhances the Ericsson Media Delivery Network solution as part of our MDN Connect framework, enabling our operator customers to deploy new services, and grow new revenues through leveraging the wider Opera ecosystem and browser-based capabilities on consumer devices,” commented Ove Anebygd, Vice President and Head of Solution Area Media, Ericsson.

Flexible, NFV-ready configuration

The joint offering utilizes a scalable and flexible NFV-ready configuration, leveraging a cloud-based architecture that can be deployed quickly and in a highly agile manner. Additional system resources can easily be added and new functionality dynamically provisioned, thanks to a fully virtualized environment.

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